Mission 21

Escape and a simple misunderstanding

Switchman plans their escape slightly differently. Once the second guard returns the wily dwarf springs the trap and catches him from behind. The guard realizes quickly that he is outnumbered and surrenders. When he is asked about the back way, he confirms that the dungeon does have a second exit. Rather than risk the guard escaping, Switchman orders Crash to finish him quickly. Crash would have normally objected to the murdering of an unarmed man, but a week in the dungeon had hardened his mercy and he snapped the man’s neck with an audible crack. Switchman’s new plan was to frame the Dwarf for the escape and thus leave his assassin disguise intact. He orders the girl and the new ally out the back and starts staging the escape scene when a cry from down the hall interrupts him. He quickly turns the corner to see a giant scorpion blocking the path of the Crash and Tonnere. Switchman quickly launches a fire spell to combat the beast, but the scorpion did not give up so easily. After grabbing the two ex-prisoners in it’s pincers, Switchman and Tonnere manage to conjure up enough magic to deal fire and lightning damage sufficient enough to beat the scorpion back. Before it could flee, Switchman fires an eldritch blast that explodes the insect into jelly. Tonnere is now covered in fecal matter, old dirty straw, and now insect guts which also gives off an interesting odor. Despite the disgustingness she is covered in, she still thanks Switchman for her rescue and Crash promises to take care of her until they exit the dungeon. Switchman gives Tonnere his room key at the Homely Hearth and tells her to hold up in his room until he knows it is save. He can’t have Chuck finding out she is still alive.
Darius and Suzy take their time returning to the Hearth and when they arrive, they agree that they have enough energy for some late night “healing”. Before they can get into it however, Darius hears activity coming from Switchman’s room and what sounds like a female’s voice. He politely excuses himself and see’s what or who is making the commotion. When he enters the room, he find Tonnere pacing the room and when she sees that the assassin failed in killing Darius, she rushes forward and hugs him in relief. Suzy, being the curious person she is, also wants to know that is going on and walks in on the two of them embracing. She demands to know what the hell is going on and the monk is forced to try and explain the situation, but his not very quick on his feet. He says that this is Noroar’s sister and she is just there to collect his things. Tonnere picks up on this and goes along with it, but Suzy is not convinced. (another night of bad rolling unfortunately) Suzy takes her things and says she will meet him in the morning. Darius must spend the night alone and think of some way to better explain what happened and possibly make it up to Suzy.
Switchman on the other hand was hard at work trying to keep his charade up and continue messing with Chuck. When the guard change occurred, he gets them to open the door and plays the victim. He gets the guard to give him a healing potion and says to him to clean up the mess in the dungeons and he will go find Chuck. He makes his escape and heads to where Chuck lives. It is about 2AM at this time and the Jackis Inn is almost closed. He pays for a room for the night, but as he leaves, the first guard that was sent to inform Chuck of the escape arrives and is told by the bartender that he is not to be disturbed until morning. Switchman identifies what must be Chuck’s room and climbs the roof outside his room and peers into the window like a peeping tom. He sees Chuck tossing and turning and feel some sense of pleasure in the thought that he is the reason for it. A while after the bar closes, a cloaked figure enters the inn with a key and enteres Chuck’s room. The hood is removed and reveals that Maena has come to pay Chuck a visit. Switchman does his best to listen to their conversation and hears that Maena is very impatient in the return of her ring. Chuck explained hiring two assassins to follow Darius and who he speaks with. He has every faith that the ring will be found and returned very soon. Maena warns him that if he fails, it means more than just the loss of his position in the guild. She also plans to move forward with eliminating more Freemasons. She orders Chuck to use Crash as bait and lure out more members. Chuck comes up with the idea to bring creature fights back to the Pit and put Crash against an unbeatable foe. He will make it a double’s match and anyone who volunteers to help him must be a Freemason. Maena likes his plan and promises to lend him the money needed to buy a creature. Chuck will send his crew out tomorrow to get some. Then the two of them start making making out and Switchman decides to leave before it gets too graphic. He is tired, injured, and exhausted, but Switchman still decides to head to Chuck’s ship and see what is happening there.
The guards are on high alert and his Chuck disguise holds up as he once again gains access to the deck. He orders a guard to sound the alarm for an attack as a drill. The guard does as he is told and sounds the alarm. Bushybrow is one of the first to answer the call and when he sees Chuck at the helm, he continues with the drill until the whole crew is assembled on deck. Chuck (Switchman) is surprised by the response, but wants to make an example if the first, slight imperfection he sees. He orders the whipping of a crew member by Bushy Brow. The order doesnt fly with the first mate and questions why Chuck would make that order. He carefully investigates Chuck and sees through his disguise. Bushybrow isn’t just first mate because of his father, he also has a good head on his shoulders and sees an opportunity to exploit. He asks to see the captain in his quarters and allows the impostor to dismiss the crew. The two of them move to the captains quarters for a nice long chat.


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