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Mission 1
Gettin Lucky at the Tavern

Darius and Switchman arrived at the Lifeport in the morning and were directed to one of two places, the Dirty Dock Inn and the Shipyard. Seeking info about the raiders who killed his caravan, Switchman heads to the Inn. Darius is intrigued by the sorcerer looking guy who calls himself Rorraor and follows him. Switchman paid for a night and cover’s Darius fare as well and they headed to the tavern to look around.
The “Con Man” mosies up to the bar and of course cant’ resist the pretty half-elf bar tender and starts chatting her up. He manages to improve her opinion of him enough to score a date that night. (Unbelievable I know, but that’s how the dice went!) They agreed to meet behind the Inn at sundown and since it was still early morning, Switchman decided to stick around for a bit and see if recognized anyone.
Darius seems shocked at his new friend’s success with the ladies and even more surprised that he was invited to hang out with them.Monks don’t usually get invited to that type of thing. Switchman may not have recognized anyone, but Darius spied a brother monk from his monastery days. Not wanting an uncomfortable reunion, Darius successfully escapes detection by hiding under the table. A while later the two new friends leave the dining room and head to the market district to get a bite to eat.
Switchman receives the worst directions and winds up stumbling into a restricted warehouse district and is turned around by the guards. They do manage to learn that the warehouses are owned by the Dock Master Eyebrow. Darius pretended to be a stumbling drunk and hopefully his performance did not raise suspicion.
With still a couple hours to kill before their date, they looked for a quick job to do to raise some coin. The went to the shipyard and talked to none other than Homar and his mechanical suit of armor bodyguard. Homar’s task was to help a ship captain check in his cargo and deliver anything not on the manifest to warehouse 13. If they could deliver at least 100gp worth of goods, they would be paid 10gp.
The suave Rorroar agreed and the two of them quickly arrived at the troubled dock. After easily dispatching the half-orc enforcer, Darius and Switchman climbed on board to check in the cargo. Darius climbed below deck and inventoried the first room and found more than he expected to in the second.
A four-pack of giant rats managed to smuggle themselves on board and attacked the monk. Darius punched his way through one and screamed in fear/panic when the other three moved in on him. The quick-thinking Switchman jumped down the hold and fired a blast at a rat and hit him square in the eyes which sent it cowering away. A rat bit Darius foot hard and the pain caused him to black out. His constitution was just not strong enough to fight off the disease the rat was carrying and is now infected. (with what to be named later). Switchman took a bite himself but also snuffed out another rat. The ship captain threw a knife to slay the last one and also bandaged up Darius. After another quick look around a box was found that most certainly was not on the manifest. It contained a magic ring with a note to deliver it to Maena.
Our first mission concluded with Switchman and Darius hurrying to deliver the ring to warehouse 13, get paid for their trouble and then make it back to the Inn for their date.

Mission 2
Bandits in the Alley

Darius and Norroar had just delivered the ring to the warehouse and hurried on to their date with Suzeila Treemoss. Suzy worked late which gave the dynamic duo a chance for a short rest. Knowing the pressure that pretty girls have on him, Darius summoned his strength and fought off the cackling fever like a real trooper. Norroar and Darius were soon greeted by Suzy and some of her friends. There was a large, stout human who didnt say much but brought the beer – Pippin. A halfelf femaled named sakura who seemed more into drinking than meeting people. And then there was Francis who brought a couple of pretty faces with him. Suzy was not pleased, but also not surprised. Switchman got the feeling that this bard was something of a playboy.
The group traveled to Michigan Avenue to a small, local bar called Vreekes. They sat down and played a few drinking games. The beer in Castlerock must be a bit stronger than in the monastary where he grew up, and Darius felt the alcohol most. As they exited that bar and headed to the next one, they were waylaid by bandits.
“The ladies must be defended!” thought Switchman. He selflessly stepped forward into the line of the first bandits club. His bold move left an impression on Suzy as much as the club left an impression on him. Francis started playing his song which brought courage to his new friends and also stepped up to fight. The bandits got a few licks in, but in the end, their clubs were no match for eldritch blasts, Francis’ rapier, and the punishing fists of Darius. The ladies and Pippin didn’t feel like continuing the night and left for home. Shortly after they left, they were visited by Captain Chuck who asked for the ring they took back.
Not one to back down, Switchman intimidates Chuck to back down. He gives him a parting shot as Chuck turns the corner and walks away. Francis seems surprised that his new friends know Chuck the pirate and wishes to speak with them further inside.
While sitting inside, Francis asks if they have the ring. Swithman says he doesn’t have it and to to talk to Homar at the docks. Francis see it as his duty to enlighten his new friends of the situation they are in.
Chuck is a member of the Lockman’s guild – or as it is known elsewhere – the Theives Guild. The guild is divided into two parts – the faces and the hands. Maena is a face and runs the Packrat Pawnshop. Faces run businesses and to the right person, act as fences for stolen property. Chuck is a hand. Hands do the dirty work the faces can’t risk doing and take their orders from the faces. Clearly, this ring that Switchman took is wanted by Maena and Chuck was ordered to get it.
Switchman didn’t want to get involved and directs him to Homar once again and stands to leave. Francis turns to Darius in hopes the quiet one is a better listener.

This is where my internet crapped out and so i didnt get to explain the rest.

Francis tells Darius that the guild he works for is also interested in that ring. Francis is a member of the Freemason’s guild. The Freemasons claim to be native to the Island and built the castle and lighthouse in the center and know most of its secrets. Today they are more interested in secrets and are locked in a type of cold war with the theives guild. There is no open hostility, but they each do what they can to mislead and confuse the other guild. Francis explains that he is always interested in getting information from people new to Castlerock and often uses Suzy as an asset. When she learned that they were new to the island she arranged the date so he could size them up. Francis asks them to retrieve the ring they took, as the Freemasons would pay them handsomely for it.

This is where I wanted to end.
Will our two characters side with the Freemasons? Or perhaps they will work with Chuck to get the ring back join the Theives guild? Do they dare turn their back on both and make two factions as enemies? Who know, but we will find out next time!

Mission 3
El Skipo

After Francis finished revealing his affiliation and their interest in the ring, Norroar asked for a price and was surpised to hear they were willing to pay what the ring is worth. The downside is they do not know how much it is worth at this time, but he did guarantee at least 50 gp each. The adventurers agreed to take his offer under advisement and left the bar. As they exited the establishment into the alley, a guard was directed to them as the culprits who killed the men laying on the ground. Norroar for some reason wanted to trust the justice system and surrendered without a fight. Having an eyewitness who saw him slay one of them, plus being being caught returning to the scene would have been a pretty clear cut case against him, but luckily, Francis came to the rescue with a pocket full of bribe money. The guards concluded it may have been self defense and left, but Darius had the courtesy to thank Francis before he left.
Norroar and Darius had a very eventful first day and finally retired to their rented room at the inn. The briefly met a gruff, dwarf named Bilba, a human sorcerer wanna-be named blaze, and a sleeping Tiefling named Gru. It may have been the exhaustion clouding his judgement, but Darius thought it a good idea to greet Gru by pulling his tail. The large Teifling did not like that and grabbed the battleaxe he snuck in and was ready to throw down. Darius quickly gathered his wits and backed down and the Teifling calmed down enough to introduce himself and warned them not to do that again. The next morning, the other roommates were already gone and as Darius and Norroar left, a child greeted them with a message from Homar. The party meets Homar, who rushed to tell them about an urgent new task for them. A pirate gang has tunneled under warehouse 13 and are planning on looting the warehouse that day. Rather than pay his normal guards hazzard pay, he offered the job of dispatching them to Norroar and Darius. They agreed and as they were leaving, learned that the pirate was none other than the Skipper or El Skipo to most. He has a reputation for digging tunnels to look places and to escape prisons.
The heroes arrived at warehouse 13 to find the outside secure but noises coming from the interior. They unlocked the side door and walked in to confront the gang. The bandits did their best to hurt our brave warehouse defenders, but several bandits died from the brutal punches and kicks from Darius and another from an edritch blast to the throat. The real challenge was el Skipo himself who kept Norroar on his heels and tossed Darius aside like a child. Perhaps after sizing up his opponent, Norroar realized a head to head fight would be an uphill battle and used all of his sub average intelligence to hit the hanging crate on the ceiling to send it crashing onto el Skipo. He eventually finished him off and received a well done from his mistress. Norroar is one step closer to his revenge against the murderers who massacred his adopted family. There are still others out there who will feel his wrath.
Once the fighting ended, Homar had the warehouse opened and guards arrived to take inventory of the goods and seal up the tunnel for good. Homar allowed the survivors to take the spoils from the corpses which amounted to 100gp and bought the weapons carried by the pirates for an additional 50gp. He also offered a magic item from his stickpile for their services. Darius received a set or defensive bracers (+1AC) and brought out a weapon for Switchman. The shortsword is a +1 weapon and it’s blade is a darker grey than most. As soon as Switchman see’s it, he feels a fiendish residue left by it’s previous owner. Homar also gives them one more boon for their services and refers them to his on staff Cleric to get them patched up. He tell them the first visit is free, and if they continue to be in his employ, they will receive a discount on the cleric’s other services.
Here is where we ended last night. Some extra coin in the pocket, a couple magic items, and a powerful patron to please. (No offense to Glasya) It is not all good however. Are they enemies of the Lockman’s guild? Where do they stand with the Freemasons? What will the consequences of el Skipo’s death bring? Tune in next time as the plot thickens!

Mission 4
The capture of Jet Lee

Our fearless adventures’s spirits were high with some cool new magical artifacts, some extra gold in their pockets, and the satisfaction of a notorious scumbag no longer among the living. Homar gave them access to his on call cleric, and receive a free healing. Switchman and Darius decided to get out of the slums on the docks and upgraded their rooms to modest lodging at the Homely Hearth. They put down a 30 day deposit and now have private rooms to call their own. That first night, Switchman came clean to his new friend that he is not the sorcorer Noroar, but rather a warlock named Switchman Nights. They exchanged back stories and created a strong bond between them. *I felt like they remained in character and rewarded each with an inspiration point.
The next morning, after a good long rest, Bilba the dwarf met them in the “lobby” to discuss a business transaction. He confirms the two people in front of him were the warriors that took down the first bounty he was after and asked if they collected the 1000gp reward for him. They were slightly upset that Homar only gave them 100gp and a magical item, but learned to negotiate better the next time. Anyway, Bilba offers to split the reward on another bounty that he tracked to Castlerock. Switchman tried to negotiate the reward in his favor, but the Dwarf was having nothing of it and so agreed to a three way split.
Bilba says all he knows which is a Monk was hired out to protect a farmer, but abandoned his duty the first night. The farmer reported him and a small bounty was placed for return. The monastery feared a bad reputation and increased the bounty to 1,000gp. Bilba tracked him to the island but just recently arrived here himself and doesnt know where to go next. The three agreed to meet back at the Hearth after dinner and share what they find out.
Switchman, now without his Norroar makeup, and Darius stow their extra gear in their rooms and set out to find a magic shop. After searching for most of the morning, they finally get directions and locate one. Switchman is a very careful warlock and so he askes the vendor for an alarm spell. The proprietor says not at the moment but agrees to put one aside for him from the shipment that is coming in later in the week. Swtichman agrees and purchases the spell scroll in advance. He will sleep better knowing his possessions are more secure. From there, they went in search for more info about their new quarry. They stopped by Homar at the docks to see if he knew anything.
Homar didnt know much about the monk they were after, but he did offer to cash in the bounty for them. He offered them 900gp as it would take some gold to secure passage back to the mainland and of course he needs a little for himself. They agreed to cash in the bounty to him and left to pursue another avenue of information. They left to the last place they might have seen him – the dirty dock inn. Darius spots their old friend Suzy at the bar and wander over to her to see if she knows anything. Switchman is no longer Norroar and so Suzy does not recognize him. Switchman lays a gold piece on the counter and politely asks for information. Suzy identifies the monk as Jet Lee, and his distinguishing tattoo of a lightning bolt on his arm. Another gold piece clears up her memory enough for her to point them to the breweries on the Western part of the city.
By late afternoon, our adventurers have significantly narrowed their search and began to narrow it even further by asking around the local taverns. As luck would have it, the first tavern they go to is called the humping donkey, and after a strong shot of something or another, Switchman gets the exact location of where Jet Lee is hanging out. (natural 20) The Ambrose Jakas Saloon is only a few blocks over and they enter it. They find him in the back of the bar playing liars dice with some drunks. The effects of that shot were still hanging on Switchman and luckily he had enough wisdom to wait and sober up before confronting Jet Lee. Darius and Switchman headed back to their new home base and convened with Bilba about that they learned. They first told him that they could turn the bounty in to Homar for 700 gp. Bilba considered this, but since he didnt really have a way to get the body back to the mainland, agreed to the reduced fee. (If D or S turn in the bounty, it will be split 230/335/335) They also informed him that they knew where he was and gave the name of the saloon. Bilba the dwarf is not known for waiting around and took off to capture his prey. (this is when I granted them level 3) Switchman went to his room to take a break. He took the time to cast his ritual of bonding his magical shortsword to himself. Darius I assume just meditated and reflected on his early training. He finished his meditation and found wisdom in being unseen and resolved to become more stealthy in his actions. (discipline of the shadow of course)
The two of them finally went after their partner and made a path straight for the Ambrose Jakas Saloon. Upon entering the establishment, a sight very different from the one they seen an hour ago stood before them. A brawl must have broke out as tables and chairs were upturned, and patrons were bruised and beat up. Of course the natural reaction is to ask what happened. They were pointed to the back where a large bouncer denied them access. An acceptible bluff by Switchman granted them access to the back room.
They entered a surprisingly large underground arena where a pit containing Bilba and Jet Lee was the focus. A Tiefling was at the entrance taking bets on who would win with the monk having 2:1 odds and the dwarf was the underdog at 5:1. Of course they put bets on each of them and tried to get Bilba’s attention. Darius threw a beer at him and managed to make eye contact with the dwarf. The dwarf gave them a look that said “I got this” and focused his attention on his quarry. Darius and Switchman took their seats near the action and heard the announcer say that bets were closed and to get it on!

Mission 4 Part 2
Bilba Vs Jet Lee

The Showdown in the Saloon.

“Get it on!” shouted the ring leader as Bilba squared off against Jet Lee in the fighting pit. 

The Dwarf might be a bounty hunter by trade, but clearly the quarry this time would be much tougher than the small frys he collected before. He remembers entering the saloon without backup which was his first mistake. The second mistake was playing this guy at liars dice and expecting to come out ahead. When Bilba sat down, the Monk was ahead in the game and taking the gold from the drunks around him. Bilba slammed down 5 gold and said to pass the dice to him. Jet Lee grinned and said match and passed him the dice. The cup contained 5 dice and Bilba gave it a hearty shake before slamming the cup upside down on to the table. He carefully peeked underneath and spied two 5’s two 4’s and an 6. Bilba knew the rules and decided to bluff out of the gate and stated he had three 5’s. The monk sensed the dwarf’s plan and called him out.
The dwarf sheepishly revealed the dice and Jet collected his gold. Bilba called the Monk to roll for another 5 gold. Jet agreed and slammed the cup of dice down. He didnt even peek as the dice and stated he had three 3’s. Bilba was shocked that he would call out his roll without checking. Bilba called and demanded he reveal the dice. Bilba almost shat a brick when three 3s and two 6’s showed up.  The Ranger couldn’t stand the thought of losing a game by chance and immediately called Jet out as a cheater. The monk responded by defending his skills and accused Bilba of being a sore loser. The men around the bar took notice of the scuffle and the moment that Bilba reached for his crossbow, the room erupted into a brawl.

The bartender was used to this kind of thing happening and knew just how to restore order. He shouted Deathmatch! at the top of his lungs. The regulars knew what he was talking about. The bartender whispered to a shadowy figure in the corner who left via the back door to prepare the arena. Bilba was grabbed and escorted by two brawny dudes to the pit and was thrown in along with all of his gear. Jet Lee knew the drill as he has been through this before. He hoped into the pit and played to the crowd. The dwarf watched as the room filled with spectators and the big tiefling began taking bets. The noise filled his ears but he tuned it out as he began studying his opponent. Jet Lee was unarmored and didn’t appear to have any weapons. Bilba on the other hand had his trusty heavy crossbow, his net, and his lucky dagger up his sleeve. He figured his leather armor might protect him a bit, but who knows what kind of tricks were up the monk’s sleeves. As Bilba was staring his opponent down, he was hit in the back of the head by a beer mug and he turned to see Darius and Switchman in the front row. See his backup arrive did little to ease his nerves. He gave his partners the “I got this” look, but he doubts he convinced them as he couldn’t even convince himself.

The announcer called for silence as the fight was about to begin. He read the rules for all of the patrons new to the area. He said Deathmatch ends when one guy is dead or surrenders. Everything is allowed inside the pit but no outside interference. Winner gets a cut of the winnings and anything they want from the loser’s body. The words hung in the air for several seconds before it was cut with a shrill screech and the words “Get it On!”

Bilba heard the starting phrase and took a shot with his crossbow. The monk deftly deflected the arrow with his fist and dashed forward on the attack. The dwarf was caught off guard by his speed and barely managed to grab his net before the monk reached him. Bilba swept the net in front of him hoping to ensnare and arm of a leg, but the monk moved to quickly. The monk feigned a punch and swept the leg. The dwarf kept his footing but felt the pain in his leg. The dwarf knew his enemy would be on the offensive and so switched his approach to a defensive one. He used his net almost like a shield and focused on dodging his enemy’s attacks. The Monk didn’t seem to care that he wasn’t landing many strikes. After a bit of back and forth the monk changed his stance and his attack pattern. Jet Lee drew upon his ki reserves and his fist began to cackle with electrical energy. His lightning bolt started to glow and he punched in a jab through the net and struck Bilba in the shoulder. The force rocked him back and he felt a strong tingling in his arm. Jet followed up with another leg sweep and this time the dwarf was knocked prone. The monk focused his ki and prepared another lightning punch. The dwarf sensed his predicament and shouted “I concede!”

The crowd erupted in cheering for their favored combatant. Jet Li let the dwarf get up and turned to the crowd. “Does anyone else want a piece of me?!” As he strutted around the pit, he spies a face he hadn’t seen in years. “Darius? Is that you? I suppose the elders sent you to bring me back to the monastery huh? It doesn’t matter! I am not going back and I will challenge you to a deathmatch right here and now!”

Mission 5
Darius One Punch

Darius responded to Jet Lee’s challenge by spitting in his face. Everyone knows that spitting in one’s face is the universal sign for bring it on. Seeing as how the pit has no doors, the room guards marched down and not so gently pushed Darius into the pit. They also lowered a ladder so Bilba could exit. The ring announcer introduced the new set of fighters and the crowd rushed the bets maker to make their wagers. Switchman must not have had much faith in his friend, but he did not make any wagers. After the rules were announced, the two monks squared off in the ring.
The fight started with a dirty trick from Jet Lee. When Darius wasn’t looking, he scooped up a handful of dirt and threw it in Darius’ face. Fortunately, Darius raised his hand just in time to block the sand and keep his eyesight unhindered. He also responded with a flurry of blows and connected with a couple punches. Jet Lee changed his fighting style to defensive and attempted to dodge the next round of attacks. Darius, confident in his recent success, unleashed another combo of punches and kicks, but this time, all his attacks were deftly stepped away from. The momentum switched to Jet Lee who sensed his opportunity to display why they call him lightning fist. He wound up and focused his chi into his fist which crackled with electric energy and swung for the fences. Darius seen it coming a mile away and the attck not only missed, but caused Jet lee to lose his balance and fall down. (rolled a natural 1) the lightning hit the ground and created a small crater and glass formed in the center in the shape of his knuckles. Now prone, the fight switched back into Darius’ favor and he connected with a couple kicks to the lower back and wrist. Jet Lee rolled way and made it back to his feet. Darius pursued the attack, but perhaps was a little to anxious and he lost his footing and also fell down.
Seeing his friend at a big disadvantage, Switchman used the noise of the crowd to his advantage and cast command on Jet Lee. The command word was “Taunt” and it succeeded. Noone detected the spell being cast and it gave Darius a chance to get to his feet.
The crowd roared at the showmanship of Jet Lee and went crazy at the severe tounge lashing. Darius must have responded too as the two monks went back to beating the crap out of each other. Jet lee struck another blow to Darius, but it was nothing that the tough son of a gun couldn’t handle. Darius thought back to his early years to his old monastic master Mr. Norris. Darius unleashed his master’s signature move and dealt a roundhouse kick to the temple. (natural 20)
Jet Lee’s clock was cleaned and lost consciousness for a second in a stunning knockout. The crowd erupted in applause and bedlam. When Jet Lee’s head began to clear, he seen Darius on top of him with his fist cocked back for a finishing blow and asked if he conceded. Jet Lee had no choice but to concede. Jet Lee called for Bilba to throw him some manacles and informed the ring announcer that he was taking him for the bounty on his head on the mainland.

Before our heroes could exit the pit, their old friend Francis from the Freemasons and Captain Chuck from the Lockman’s guild hop into the pit. You could both sense a tension between them, but neither one made a move. Both men offered to give Darius 500 gp if he would release Jet Lee into their custody. Darius looked to his cloaked friend for guidance and he simply stepped forward, grapped the prisoner, and started to walk away. Noone tried to stop them, but Francis did give a second look thinking he was familiar.
They exited the pit via the ladder and the crowd was totally loving on Darius. Being the prideful person he is, he couldnt resist giving the crowd a little love too. He was announced as Darius One Punch! Who know how this new notoriety will be viewed by others?
Once outside, it was late – about 1 in the morning and they needed to keep thier bounty safe overnight. It was suggested that they find a guard station near the docks to hold him overnight and deliver him to Homar first thing in the morning. The guard at the docks agree to keep their prisoner provided they are gone by morning and no paperwork is needed. The night passes uneventfully. In the morning, the group heads to the docks and locates Homar and his animated suit of armor and proudly steps forward with their living bounty. Before they hand him over, Darius takes a second to ask Jet Lee where he got his tattoo. Jet Lee doesn’t immediately divulge any information, but eventually agrees to give them something. He says his friends brought him to a guy on Castlerock. They brought with them the scroll of shocking grasp and a bunch of gold. They asked which friend it was and he says he was in the pit before they took him away. Of course, Bilba wants his money and to get on with the exchange. Thinking quickly, Switchman tells Bilba that they negotiated a free healing with the bounty and directs the dwarf to the clerics hut. Now that the dwarf was gone, Homar has his giant servant take custody of Jet Lee and promptly pays out 900 gp to his bounty hunters. They each pocket 350 gp and give 200 to Bilba. As you all know he agree to split 700 equally, but understands that he didnt do much to help in the capture and was ok with his smaller share. Switchman did give him an additional 35 gp and parted ways on good terms. The cleric sent the heros back to Homar as he had a request for them.
Homar discussed a matter that he needed reliable men to perform for him. The Pirate “El Skippo”‘s ship was found on the docks. It was sailing under the name Albatrose which he recently learned was destroyed some time ago. They confiscated all valuable goods, but the captains quarters contained some notes that he found disturbing. He originally thought the pirate acted on his own to tunnel under the warehouse, but now knows that he was instructed to do so by someone known as Dum Dum Dugan. Homar asks that they track down and deal with whomever is behind this. Homar is well connected and has access to gold and magic items if they can help him with this. The hero’s agree and exit the hut to begin the search for Dum Dum.

Mission 6
The Goo down below

Our two adventurers, fresh from cashing in their bounty, made their way to the market place to spend some of their hard earned gold on some supplies. They each purchased a bag of holding to keep all of their belongings on their person and thus, much more secure. Darius also stopped by the apothecary for a pair of healing potions. They spent a couple hours hanging out in the market to try and pick up a lead on Dugan, but all they managed to hear was a rumor about an animal that had been causing problems near the forest.
Since the market didnt give them any leads, they figured they would try the only other friendly face with information to give. Suzy the bartender at the Dirty Dock Inn. Like always, the doorman confiscated their weapons and placed them in the armory and gave Switchman a claim ticket. Switchman bonded with his new weapon once the weapon was secure in the hold, he summoned it back to the interdenominational space where he keeps it.
Suzy is once again pleased to see Darius and inquired about Norroar. Sadly, his nether regions are still itching him. News of Darius one punch defeating Thunderpunch has been circulating through the town. Darius is not known for his tact while speaking to pretty girls and comes out and blatantly asking if she knows Dum Dum Dugan. She seemed shocked that he would hear that name after only being on Castlerock for several days. She admits that she has heard of him but that Francis would know more and asks if they would like to set up a meeting with him. Switchman, now in his human-fighter disguise suggests a night on the town and Suzy agrees to meet with friends in back and at dusk.
On their way out, Switchman goes to retrieve his sword and the doorman is embarrassed to say they lost his sword. Switchman makes a big deal out of it and manages to get 130 gp from the manager as compensation. Once out of eye and ear shot, he summons his sword and turns to Darius, “Oh, here it is!” They laugh at their little trick and split the money. Switchman thinks it would be fun to spread rumors about Darius One Punch and his well endowed friend. They bar hop around the dock bars and buy drinks for everyone and spread their rumors.
Eventually, night falls and they rendezvous with Suzy. Pippin the tall, large human comes along and Casca the halfling chick are there too. The 5 of them head to Michigan avenue to McMurphy’s pub. It is the Castlerock equivalent to an Irish pub. (It was st pattys day after all)
Suzy wants to get to the bay and in order to to make rooms, she yells, “Make way for Darius One Punch!” The crowd turns and looks at them and of course makes way for the famous pit fighter. At the bar, there are 4 large men drinking heavily and look down on the pseudo-celebrity. Darius and his prideful nature orders a beer like a big shot and is handed the mega-gulp of beers. He managed to chug it in one drink and immediately start a party. Everyone is in a good mood and me makes friends with everyone. The legend of Darius One Punch grows even larger. Switchman hung out at the entrance on the lookout for Francis. Suzy eventually grabs Darius by the arm and leads him out the back. Switchman spies the developments and exits the front and looks to meet up in the back. After not finding a way around, he scrambles up the building and takes a perch from the roof.
Francis was sitting on a bench in the middle of the courtyard and motions for Darius to join him. Francis knows Dum Dum Dugan and would be willing to set up a meeting if he knows he can trust them. Darius agrees to join the Freemasons, but Francis was him to prove his loyalty. The ring that he took from Captain Chuck’s ship was tracked to a magical identification shop on the market district and he needs them to steal it and replace it with a fake. A tunnel was dug long ago and they have managed to keep it secret for many years. Francis agrees to lead them to it the next morning and once he has the ring, he will give them a reward and set up a meeting with Dugan.
Darius agrees and heads back into the Pub. Switchman was feeling giddy and asks the halfling to dance. Not to be outdone, Darius asks Suzy to dance. Lets just say Darius is a fighter, not a dancer and steps on Suzy’s feet something bad. Switchman on the other hand dances up a storm and takes over dancing with Suzy while simultaneously keeping up with the halfling. The crown approves and Suzy is having a hard time deciding which guy she likes more. Norroar, the smooth talking half-elf that protected them from bandits, Darius the pit-fighting star who visits her regularly, or the new human dancer that appears to be a gentleman. Her head is swimming as Francis picks her up to walk her home. Suzy give each man a peck on the cheek and leaves.
The next morning they meet Francis outside McMurphy’s and he leads them down alleys and behind stores to a storm cellar like door that leads to a basement room. He gives them directions on how to get to the magic shop and hands Darius a torch. He warns that the tunnel connects with the lighthouse foundations and the tunnels are very old. Full disclosure reveals several freemasons have not returned but that was many years ago.
Like good little errand boys, our adventurers follow the directions until they run into a Gelatinous Cube. The Monk takes the smart approach and throws darts from a distance, while the warlock fight up close. Switchman manages to avoid getting engulfed once, but not twice. He barely manages to escape the acidic jello monster and emerges on the other side. After firing a final eldritch blast, the cube melts and the acid is neutralized. They find a driftglobe and a scroll case with two scrolls in the goopy remains. The driftglobe is given to Darius and he gives a potion of healing to Switchman. After a short rest, the team makes it to the ladder underneath the magic shop without any more incidents. Darius focuses his Ki to cast pass without trace to hide their tracks and movements

Mission 7
Two rings for price of none

Having arrived at the base of the ladder leading to the magical item identification depot, Darius focuses his ki and casts pass without trace. Switchman and Darius feel their footsteps become lighter, their breathing becomes quieter, and presence is greatly masked. They creep into the room above to find themselves inside a locked cage filled with security boxes and a table with 4 boxes on it. Switchman deduces that the ring must be in one of the boxes and starts the search there. He takes a dagger and deftly forces the box open to reveal not one, but two rings inside. They look very close to one another and identical to the fake in his pocket. Rather than risk grabbing the wrong one, Switchman snatches them both and they both quietly exit the room before someone could catch them in the act. They successfully have retrieved the ring, but now they have three. The real one, the duplicate from the box, and the fake one given to them by Francis.
They now were faced with a choice. Do they return to the waiting Francis or search the tunnels for another way out? The devious half-elf’s wheels are turning in his head and hatching a plan for personal profit. Instead of retracing their steps, they journeyed on along the tunnels until they came across an ancient dungeon with emptly cells on either side. They heard a pair of clanking armored guards approaching and the two of them hid in a nearby cell. They managed to hid well enough to fool the guards. When they got near, they could see the suits of armor were empty and likely just assigned to patrol the hallway until the end of time. As they reversed their course and head back down the hallway, Switchman and Darius ambushed the guards with darts and spells. They used guerrilla tactics to hit and retreat until the hall they were on ended. Luckily they managed take one out before Darius was forced to resort to hand to hand mode. The armor was slower with his strikes and barely managed to land a hit on the monk. The living combatants punched and spell bombed the remaining armor shell until the empty helmet popped off rockem’ sockem’ robots style.
Physically tired, but relatively unscathed, the two buddies continued on until they found a winding staircase that led them upwards. The staircase ended at a solid wooden door that was unlocked. Surprisingly, a lot of doors they ran into that day were unlocked. The door led to a hallway which was old and abandoned. It let them to an old stable that hasn’t seen horses in many a year. They “walked with purpose” along the wall that encircled the lighthouse until they reached a gate which led into an open courtyard. The courtyard was empty and they hurried to reach an outer gate that would lead them away from the castle. A couple guards took notice and hailed for them to stop. Thinking quickly, Switchman gave a hurried response about an urgent errand for the mayor. He said it convincingly enough to halt the guards pursuit and they made their way out into the road encircling the castle perimeter. Once they reached the public space, they sprinted past the mansions and wealthy homes built near the castle until they could regroup back at the Homely Hearth. There, they convened in secrecy Switchman’s plan on what to do with the rings.

Mission 8
The 'Ol switcheroo

The two jewelry thieves convene in Switchman’s room to plan their next move and discuss the master plan. Switchman’s plan is to get the two rival guilds to turn their cold war into a hot one and it all starts with a spark. The ignition will be to make each guild think that the other has the desired ring all the while building their own reputation to point of being able to make a move to seize power in the vacuum left behind by the destruction of both guilds. An ambitious plan by anyone’s standards, but he is bound and determined to make something of himself. Guild master seems a good a goal as any.
Phase one is to convince the Freemasons that the lockmans have the ring. Disguised as a poor nobody, Switchman visits Suzy at the Dirty Dock Inn. He succeeds in convincing her that Darius is scared of something and is in need of a meeting with Francis right away. She sends him to the Fish market to find him. Switchman purchases a pretty convincing disguise of what he remembers Captain Chuck last wearing and keeps it in his bag. Still disguised as a nobody, he locates and approaches Francis in the market. He makes up a story that Darius “one punch” paid him to find Francis and to tell him to meet them in an alley in an hour because he has something for him. Francis tried to negotiate a better exchange location but was swayed when the nobody explained that Darius would beat him unless he agreed to meet them. Shortly there after, Switchman donned his Captain Chuck outfit and took up recon on the roof of the building next to the alley where they would make the exchange. He noticed a couple of thugs that showed up pretty early to the meeting and Switchman did not want any interference with their plans so he thought up a way to get rid of the excess company. He cast Command on the Thug and the command word was, “Shit”. After determining as a group that the guard did have to shit, and after he failed his wisdom save, The guard felt an uncontrollable urge to release his bowels. Falling to the spell that enchanted him, he let loose an avalanche of toxic sludge that not even the flies would go near. Needless to say, the thoroughly embarrassed thug walked awkwardly away to clean himself. A task which would take quite some time.
Having to wait the next 20 minutes downwind from the shitstorm he caused might give Switchman pause the next time he casts command. Anyway, Francis arrives ten minutes early to the meeting and is not quite sure what to think of Darius. Darius reaches into his pocket to pull out the fake ring and right as he was about to make the transfer, Swithman, disguised as Chuck announces his presence and that the ring is his! His portrayal of Chuck may not have been worthy of an Oscar, but it was enough to convince Francis. The alleyway gets dark and noone can see a thing due to Darius’s focusing his Ki to cast darkness. Francis and a thug charge ahead hoping to secure the ring, but as soon as Darius loses his own sight, he pops the unsanitary object into his mouth and swallows it. To make the mugging more legit, he one punches himself in the face. Switchman flees the scene and luckily no one follows him which allows him to perform a superman like quick outfit change and return as the swordsman friend of Darius. When the darkness abates, Francis is atop Darius with dagger to his throat, and a thug is beating the tar out of another thug. Francis quickly gets up and asks where the ring its only find out Darius doesn’t have it. The plan worked as Francis believes that Francis managed to get away with the ring. Darius and Switchman who arrives to hear the story, ask about why they were so interested in the ring. Francis explains that the ring is a decoder ring and is allows for the reading of secret messages wrote by the Lockman’s guild. There was a mole or a defector of some kind that revealed the hierarchy of the Freemasons and if the Lockman’s guild recovers the ring, their entire organization becomes at risk. On the same line, a list of the entire Lockman’s guild exists and could be used to undue them as well. After losing the ring after being so close, Francis says he will not pay them anything, but does agree to schedule a meeting with Dugan in a few days time. Dugan is cautious and it will take time to set up the meeting. He leaves and comments on the disgusting pile of human waste left in the street.
Our nefarious team regroups at the docks to give Homar an update. Homar is extremely upset that another tunnel was discovered and under his secure vault no less. Luckily, Homar has his own plan to capture the theif. Once he identified the ring’s magic, he commissioned another ring to be made. Once that if worn, would sic a Paladin of vengeance on them to bring them to justice. Hopefully the thief is stupid enough to wear it. Unfortunately for Switchman and Darius, there is no way of knowing which of the rings is which as there are no identifying markers on them. They go to the cleric they have used in the past who can perform the identification ritual, but for a price. Not wanting this to get back to Homar, they decide to pass and move on to the next phase of their plan which is to locate Captain Chuck, and convince him that the Freemason’s have the ring.


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