Mission 20
Rescue Tonnere

As Francis’ apartment roars into flames, Darius and Suzy hurry away and seek out another member of the Freemasons. Besides the trustworthy messengers she uses to communicate to other member, there is only one other person she knows how to get a hold of. It was when she first was introduced the guild. Just getting to the meeting place was test of trust. She and Darius traveled to a non-descript slum on the outskirts of the city. Underneath the boardwalk was a small tunnel barely large enough for someone to crawl through. It is also close enough to the waterline that it floods twice a day due to the tides. She instructs Darius to follow her and the two of them crawl into the tunnel. They crawl nearly 200 feet until it comes to a solid door. She knocks and a eventually a child opens the door and asks what they are doing there. Suzy orders the child to get Dum Dum Dugan as they have important information for him. Dum Dum returns a while later and asks Suzy what is so important that they needed to meet him there. Suzy goes on to explain how Francis was found dead and when Darius told her that he just got done giving the decoder ring to him. The two of them decided to check and see if it was still there. When they got to the apartment, Darius was ambushed by the assassin, but was able to take him out single handedly. Daruis showed the Dwarf the assassin’s clothes as proof. Dum Dum ponders everything they said and finds that they were wise to come to him. He appreciates their dedication to their cause and promotes Suzy to Francs rank of journeyman. Suzy also volunteered to sponsor Darius as an apprentice. Dum Dum agreed and gave them both new orders. He said that eliminating the assassin was fantastic, but he was most likely sent by Chuck. Chuck and Maena represent the largest threat to the Freemasons and must be eliminated. They have also directly killed one of their members which is a clear declaration of war. The Freemason Elders will convene and develop a strategy to lure out the Lockman’s guild and take them all out. Dum Dum said he would send a messenger to Darius home the next day with more instructions. Darius and Suzy leave by the other exit and head back to the Homely Hearth for a “personal meeting” Unfortunately, the wounds caused by the assassin significantly hindered Darius’s performance and Suzy is left somewhat disappointed.
Switchman was swiftly heading to the Harpy’s Still to see why Chuck would have taken Tonnere Prisoner. Disguised as the archer Eraser, Switchman enters the Still (as the locals call it) and proceeds to head directly to the back. The bartender only questions him for a moment until a penetrating gaze shuts him up and he backs off. Switchman heads to the office he conversed with Chuck earlier in, but the guards spot him and say they would fetch Chuck. The room they are guarding opens a short time later as Chuck emerges looking tired and stressed, but in fairly high spirits. Chuck takes a moment to scold Eraser as to why he stood him up before. Switchman calmly dodges the question and Chuck moves on to another matter. Chuck mentions that he took precautions in case Eraser was unable to finish his previous job, but something new has come up that he is better suited for. The two of them head through one locked room into another with two more guards. They unlock the door for Chuck and lock it behind them as they go through. Clearly whatever is down there is quite important to have multiple sets of guards and locked doors. The head down a short hallway and turn the corner to see a long hallway with several cells hewn into the rock. The first cell is occupied by a dirty, tired old dwarf who Swithman recalls seeing only once before. It was Crash, whom Darius faced and defeated in the Pit. Trying to stay in character, Switchman hurls an insult at the dwarf who dismisses the comment and remains a sullen shell of a person.
The next cell is where Tonnere is being kept. She is furious at Chuck and calls him every bad name she can think of. -Which is quite a lot as she spends a lot of time with sailors. Chuck tells Eraser to find out what Tonnere knows about the ring and why she reacted to hearing that two assassins were working for him to retrieve it. Chuck pulls Switchman aside and says after he learns her sectrets, to kill her and dispose of her body to make it look like a suicide. He can’t have Maena learning that he killed her sister. He gives instructions to the guard to not let anyone out until the deed is done and exits the dungeon. As Switchman starts to think of a way out, he also wonders if Chuck is going to visit Maena, his ship, or just go the Jackis Inn to get some sleep.
Eraser stands before a pisssed off and uncooperative Tonnere and slowly changes his illusion back to his original face. Tonnere is not buying it and clams up. Switchman goes on to discuss what they talked about earlier that day about thier grand plan and Tonnere listens but is not truly convinced. Finally, Switchman mutters Bitch Cookies under his breath and Tonnere is extremely happy to see him for who he is and that he is there to rescue her. She asks how he will get her out of there and he explains his plan to her. He starts off by asking one of the guards for some rope so he can make it look like she hanged herself. One guard loses in rock paper scissors and had to go off and find some. The other guard gets his mother insulted to the point of infuriating him. Switchman comes back and says he managed to choke out the prisoner through the bars and is ready to tie her up. When the guard opens the door and follows switchman to the cell, Switchman summons his bond weapon in the form of a whip and attempts to strangle the guard. The guard manages to resist the makeshift garote and fight off the attack. Tonnere joins the fight and starts punching the guard with shocking grasp with limited effect. Switchman is not used to close quarter’s fighting as he leaves that to his new friend Darius. Still he does the best he can but cant seem to get the upper hand dispite the assistance of his female companion. The dwarf down the hall hears the commotion and wants to know what is going on. He offers to help whomever will let him out. The other three are too busy fighting to pay him any attention. The fight goes on with the guard fighting off both attackers until finally, Switchman hexes his opponent and blasts him back with an eldritch blast. During the fight a couple rogue blasts (critical misses) hit the shit bucket in the corner and Tonnere ends up covered in shit and straw. The finally defeated guard is stripped of his uniform and armor and his keys are taken. Switchman orders Tonnere to swap clothing with the guard and dispite being much smaller and not trained in armor at all, she does as is told and dons the rediculous disguise. The dwarf senses an opportunity to escape the dungeon and offers to help them and follow them if they would release him. Switchman says that there is one more guard to deal with and if he helps them take him out, they would agree to release him. The dwarf known as crash agrees and his cage is unlocked. The dwarf offers some advice that once the second guard is eliminated, they make their exit out the back instead of going through the bar upstairs.

Mission 19
Assassin Attack

Darius probably should have sensed the danger emanating from the scarred man, but he was thinking with his other head and decided to head back to the Dirty Dock Inn to see his girlfriend and tell her the good news. As he starts walking he feels his pocket for the slip of paper which contained Francis’s address and discovered it missing. Not thinking too much of it, he stopped by the inn for a pre-dinner drink. Suzy was there and readily served him. As Darius was about to leave to go freshen up for his date, he was stopped dead in his tracks by the frightful shout from Suzy. With tears in her eyes, she explains that Francis was just found dead in his apartment. Darius does his best to console her and she starts to wonder who could have done this. Darius admits that he noticed someone following him earlier that day but wasn’t approached until after his meeting with Francis. Suzy felt like it was her responsibility to inform the Freemasons and let them know of the situation. Darius also let slip that he gave Francis the decoder ring and he would feel more comfortable going with her to deliver the news.
Meanwhile, Switchman was feeling pretty good about messing with Sasquatch, wait make that messing with Chuck. He decided to head back to the West docks and keep an eye on Chuck’s ship and also take a moment and speak with his patron. He was pleased to see the drills continuing into the late afternoon, but also that the guards were much more alert too. Finding a secluded spot, he went into a trance and felt Glaysa’s demonic presence in front of him. She was pleased to hear that he is still on his path to get revenge on the one that murdered his family. She informs Switchman that there are still two more individuals on Castlerock that were involved with the massacre. He gives her a summary of his plan to torture and ultimately destroy Chuck which pleases her. He offers his services as a sign of respect and Glaysa simple says she may call on him if she needs something done in his vicinity, and should he prove himself sufficient, she will offer him a boon to carry with him. With his meeting of the evil minds over, he widens his perimeter of surveillance just to make sure that Chuck does not visit his ship.
While on the way to inform the Freemason’s Darius states that perhaps the ring that he gave Francis is still with him. Suzy agrees that it is important enough to check the body and they change directions and head to Franci’s apartment. The upstairs loft has an external staircase which Darius climbs first and enters the dwelling. The dimly lit room smells like death, but the silence of the place only makes the surprise attack by the assassin Scarface that much more of a surprise. The assassin manages to catch Darius by surprise by hiding behind the entrance door and deals a couple of heavy injuries to the monk. The Assassin kicks the door closed to prevent an escape, but also protects Suzy from seeing the gruesome sight that would happen next. Scarface take a second to coat his dagger in poison and relishes finishing off his opponent. Darius may have been caught by surprise, but he quickly regains his wits and focuses his ki into his fist. He roundhouse kicks the attacker to knock him off his defenses and connects with a massive uppercut with is super-charged fist and causes his lower jaw to collapse up into his eyesockets and lift him a foot off the ground. Just for good measure, or maybe a little bit of revenge for slicing him from behind, he kicks Scarface between the legs as he falls to floor and anatomically speaking turns him into a girl. The Assassin is dead before he hit the floor. Suzy come in and is told to not look behind the door, but o search Francis for the ring. Darius inspects the attacker and takes the high quality clothing and his fancy weapons and deposits them into the bank known as his bag of holding. The last place he looks for the ring of course is the assassin’s own hand. He quickly severs the whole finger off the dead man’s hand and retrieves the ring. He tells Suzy to say her last goodbye and they need to exit the room quickly. As they leave the apartment, the oil that was covering the floor ignites and the sight of a burning room lights up the darkening sky behind them. As Darius and his girlfriend quickly walk away, he is thinking about how long the assassin wore the ring and how close the Paladin of Vengeance might be to them.
At the opposite side of town, Switchman runs into the disguised Jet Lee. He casually mentioned the code phrase Bitch Cookies to him and secretly enjoys the look on people’s faces when they realize who they are talking to. When asked what he was doing near the ship, he states that Chuck is busy with some white haired broad. He goes on to tell how Chuck was in a pissy mood and entered the Jackis Inn to meet with someone when a beautiful white-haired chick (Tonnere as we know her) came in with a bone to pick with him. While Jet Lee, couldn’t make out the whole conversation, he did learn that Chuck had a backup plan to deal with Darius. Chuck didn’t like the way Tonnere reacted and had some goons capture her and haul her away. Chuck followed with an evil look on his face. As Switchman heard his story, he gave Jet Lee instructions to continue to guard the ship and make sure Chuck does not interfere with is plans. Switchman starts walking to the place he believes Chuck would bring Tonnere – the Harpy’s Still.

Mission 18
Paranoia and ring delivered

Darius wakes up to his attractive “nurse” cuddling him and making a quiet escape impossible. Suzy stirs and awakens to Darius next to her and she remembers what happened the night before. She first asks if he is alright and if the poison has left his system. Darius said yes but refuses to go into more detail about the fight or how Norroar died. As they are lying in bed, a knock on the door is heard and is later opened but none other than Jet Lee who has finally arrived from the mainland. The awkward situation slowly goes away when Jet Lee agrees to meet him downstairs. This is followed by yet another awkward meeting when Switchman enters in his Shenarias disguise and says he also needs to meet with Darius. Suzy quickly dresses and they agree to meet for dinner that night.
Downstairs the pit fighter Jet Lee, the bounty hunter Bilba, the swordsman Shenarias, and the Monk One Punch convene for a strategy meeting. Shenarius takes charge and says he makes the decisions, but when in public, Darius is the man in charge. Darius nods his agreement and the other members accept this as how things are. Jet Lee is tasked with following Chuck and keeping him away from his ship, the Queen Ann’s Revenge. As a former fighter in the Pit, Switchman disguises him so no one will recognize him. Bilba was given a much different and odd task of finding and catching rats. The bigger and meaner the better. He isn’t told why he is rat catching, but agrees to it knowing there will be payment coming to him. After they leave, a messenger arrives with a note for Darius. The note reads that Tonnere has learned of Norroar’s death and is on her way to confront Chuck. She asks that Darius talk some sense into her and stop her. Darius sets off to stop Tonnere, while Shenarius puts his shenanigans on hold and waits for her where they first met.
As luck would have it, Darius finds Tonnere in time to keep her from making a mess of things and after some arguing and slight deception, gets her to follow him. She enters the non-descript store and Switchman pays the shopkeep for some privacy. He then reveals himself to her. (not That way you sick-os!) He reveals his true name and his true identity. She calmly accepts his story with understanding and agreement. A woman with this much insight and wisdom is hard to find and she is shaping up to be a powerful ally in their quest for island power. What is more is that Switchman reveals that they have the decoder ring and a cursed ring. Without knowing for sure which is which, they convince Tonrere that they will certainly give the ring to Maena when the time is right, but need her to play it cool for the time being. She is also tasked with keeping Chuck away from his ship. After she leaves, Switchman gives Darius the ring which “will be used bring destruction to his enemies” and instructs him to give it to Francis. The hope is that Francis will don the ring and bring destruction to himself and create an opening in the Freemason’s ranks for Darius to step into.
Darius leaves to deliver the red ring (the one with the red ribbon tied to it)to Francis, but not knowing his location makes it hard. He heads to the Dirty Dock Inn and meets with is sweetheart Suzy to arrange the meeting. They talk for a bit and is pleased that Darius plans on joining the Freemasons. Once the meeting is set up, Darius leaves to meet Francis at the location Suzy mentioned. Francis is waiting for him and greats him warmly. He is surprised to hear of Norroar’s demise, (hey that rhymes) but is not too heartbroken. His joking and non-serious demeanor did not impress Dum Dum Dugan. Darius says that the battle on the docks was most likely orchestrated by the Lockman’s guild and that one of the foes had the ring on them. Francis seen through the facade and asked where he really obtained it. Darius admits that the ring came from Noroar’s body and he just didn’t want to believe that he was a Lockman’s undercover agent. Francis agrees that someing was off about him and agrees that it made much more sense that his friend was in league with the enemy. For coming clean and also returning the ring, Francis agreed to put in a good word for him with Dum Dum and is certain that they will agree to him joining the Freemasons. In lieu of the full reward, Francis offers to at least continue the deal they have with Hobo to receive half price tattoos and access to their stores and supplies. In addition, Francis gives Darius his home address and says he can contact him directly for urgent matters. When Francis leaves, a scarred man arrives to warn him that dealing with the enemy will not go well for him and to watch his back. He then leaves without a trace.
Switchman disguises himself as Captain Chuck and sets off to cause some mischief on the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Chuck is stopped several times by the guards posted to keep strangers away and plays Chuck to a T and gets on board without any trouble. As Bushy Brow shows him the ship, he takes note of every detail and when the tour is finished, he berates the first mate for his ineptitude at captaining. He gives a laundry list of imperfections that he demands be fixed immediately and orders that his crew not get soft while in port. He demands drills to be ready at a moments notice and no more alcohol for the crew. He allows Bushy Brow access to his private stash but no one else. He does a great job of getting his point across and leaves to the sound of men scurrying around following orders. Pleased with himself, he sets off to find the real Captain Chuck and comenses phase two of operation keep the rooster away. Disguised as a non-descript dwarf, he find Chuck at the Harpy’s Still and whispers illusions of Norroar’s voice in his ear about being dead and killed by Chuck. The mysterious voices get Chuck on edge and he orders a water to clear his head. While the bartender’s back is turned, Switchman conjures an illusion of a zombified Norroar for a second in front of Chuck which has the intended effect. Chuck leaves the bar telling himself to shut up. Overall a pretty productive day for Switchman.

Mission 17
Chuck's Secret

After a short rest to lick their wounds and re-focus their energies, the team was finally ready to learn what the big secret Greyson knew. Homar returned their prisoner and went back to work, trying to make up for the disruption from earlier that morning. Greyson starts leading them toward the Western docks and they manage to get him to talk a bit more about the job he was hired to do. They learned that the 500 gp they found on him was only half the payment to eliminate them. He was scheduled to meet with Chuck soon to collect the rest. Switchman, being the master of disguise that he is, decides to pose as the assassin and collect the rest of the fee for eliminating himself. Greyson gave him the location being the Harpy’s Still and was kept busy with Darius while Switchman paid Chuck a visit.
Switchman, disguised as Greyson, enters the Still from the back and scares a poor worker into fetching Chuck from the front. Chuck arrives in a good mood but that quickly changes when he learns that only Norroar was killed and Darius was only wounded. Chuck being the shrewed businessman he is, only pays Greyson 250 more gold and tells him to finish the other one off. Chuck thinks for a minute and asks Greyson if he could do another contract. They discuss things more in a nearby office and says there is a dwarf following him and would like the nusaince eliminated. He doesnt think much of him and hands Greyson a platinum coin and promises another once he is dead. Chuck also asks Greyson if he is able to do one more. Tonnere is starting to become a thorn in his side and may need to eliminate her. Norroar says he would do it if the price is right. Chuck is pleased with his response and says not yet, but he maybe later. As Greyson/Norroar is about to leave Chuck reminisces about some of their previous encounters and brings up the time they slaughtered a whole caravan. Noroar was able to keep his emotions in check while mentally murdering Chuck a thousand times. Norroar leaves and meets up with Darius and the real Greyson. The three of them continue to head to the Western docks and Greyson instructs them to climb to the roof of the last building on the street. They follow and peer over the edge. Greyson explains that Captain Chuck’s first mate is actually Eyebrow’s son. Chuck has given him strict orders to stay on the ship while he is on shore and as they all can plainly see, security is tight on his ship and the docks. Getting close to him is difficult and convincing him to leave is nigh on impossible. Darius and Switchman decide to mull over how best to use this information. As the three of them climb back down from the roof, Switchman asks Greyson if he is a religious man. As he started to reply, a daggar appears in Switchman’s hand and is plunged deep into the assassins heart. Switchman whispers that this morning was the second time that he tried to kill him and a look of shock and confusion spread over Greyson’s face. Fro good measure, Switchman ignites green flames in the wound and blasts the dead ranger’s face with an eldritch blast to make identification more difficult. Darius is shocked but assumes his friend had a good reason for it. They hastily dig a hole to bury the body and leave him for the rats to find. They return to Homar.
Homar asks what bounty they collect from thier prisoner and Switchman, now disguised as a Green-skinned Dragon born, shows him 350gp. Homar is surprised an evil man like that wouldnt have collected more, but doesnt inquire any further. Switchman asks that Homar spread the rumor that Norroar is dead from the fight that morning. He says he will but also mentioned a bit earlier that a dwarf came looking for him and said that Norroar was seen earlier that day. Switchman says the dwarf is ok but not to say anything to anyone else. Our two heroes return to the Homely Hearth and find Suzy waiting for them. Being in disguises, they try to slip past her but get spotted by her keen eyes. Darius my have been spotted, but he fakes an injury and convinces Suzy he is hurt and she helps him up to his room. She tries to tend to his wounds but doest seem to find any. Thats when the fast thinking Dragonborn pipes up that he found him and treated him for poison. He says he should recover by the morning but if he develops a chill that someone should be close to warm him. As Switchman leaves, Darius manages to mumble a convincing enough phase to his confirm the diagnosis and Suzy agrees to “keep him warm” overnight. Darius somehow regains enough energy to “insert graphic language here” and more than satisfy’s Suzy’s curiosity that he is ok.
While Darius “recovers” upstairs, Switchman locates Bilba and explains the next phase of his plan. They will try and turn Chuck’s crew against him and also to stop following Chuck due to the price he put on his head.

Mission 16
Ambush on the Docks

With the new plan in place to annoy and confuse Chuck, the hero’s retire for the night. They awoke to a pounding on their bedroom doors. A messenger from Homar gave them instructions to report immediately to the docks as he had a very important task for them. After making time to eat a hasty breakfast, Darius arrives and Homar is clearly frustrated. He informs them that there is a ship near the end of the docks that refuses to move and he needs the situation dealt with right away. He says if they can’t get the ship to move, they should apprehend the trouble makers and take everything of value from the ship. He also warns Darius that the employee he sent earlier has not returned and to be careful. As Darius walks quickly toward the destination, he is joined by Noroar and fills him in on the situation. When they finally reach the dock, they see a half-orc limping away with an arrow in his knee. He says his adventuring days are over and wishes the new guys, “good luck”. It didn’t take a half-orc to tell them this is clearly a trap. Assuming the monk is swift enough to handle any arrows coming at him, Darius goes first and sets off the cordon of arrows trap. And like predicted, he managed to duck and weave out of their paths. He passes two small sea vessels and approaches the medium sized ship moored at the end.
A couple of gruff, evil-eyed men look down from the ship and a cloaked figure stands to the side with an arrow notched and aimed at him. Switchman anticipates the arrow and avoids it with ease as he joins Darius at his side. Seeking to avoid the hassle of causing another scene, Switch addresses the strangers on the ship with an Ahoy! The arrow from the archer is released and flied harmlessly over their head. Not knowing if it was a warning or simply a really bad shot, Norroar gives the goons a chance to flee or be destroyed. With money overshadowing logic, the elf shouts attack and the battle ensues.
Noroar feeling justified in that he gave them a chance, unleashes the first devastating attack with a fireball to the side of the ship. One guy is reduced to ashes almost instantly while the elf and another guy avoid most of the paid. The thugs advance and a couple appear off the smaller ships to cut off their escape. Darius starts to clear their exit and punches the snot out of one thug. The elf quickly decides the spell-slinger is the biggest threat and silences the warlock. Realizing the sound around him had disappeared, he summons a spear to take on the approaching bad guys. The bad guys charge forward and manage to wound Norroar. Darius is just too quick to hit. He hears the sound of the men surrounding Norroar go silent and focuses his ki to silence the elf on the boat. One thug grabs Darius and receives a beating in the chest for his trouble. The elf continues to rain arrows at our heroes while Norroar tries to defend himself from the pair of attackers. The Thug that grappled Darius pushes them both off the docks and into the sea. Darius finishes him off with a quick punch to the throat and swims to the ladder to rejoin the fight. Norroar take a couple more hits and fears they may get the best of him. Thankfully, Darius ducks under the thug waiting for him and rushes toward the cloaked man causing the trouble. The man who is now revealed to be an elf, drops his bow and equips his scimitars. He manages to score a hit or two on the monk before the monk focuses his remaining ki to his fist and delivers a massive punch to his abdomen. The sight of such an awe inspiring attack spurs Norroar to finish off the two men attacking him and the final guy surrenders his weapon. The elf simply didnt know when to quit and continued attacking until the monk took out his leg and broke the guys will. With silence being ended the victors gave the elf a chance to save his ass and surprisingly he offered enough to be spared.
The elf named himself Greyson Eraser, and admits that he was hired by Chuck to cause a disruption on the docks. He knew that Homar would send his two valued enforcers out and so he laid this trap to eliminate them. Darius freed the captive crew from the ships hold and remembering his days as a sailor himself, started giving orders like a captain. He sent some to repair the smoldering side of the ship and other to weigh anchor and move the ship out of the way to restore order in the shipping lane. One Punch can now add liberator to his list of accolades.
They heal the elf enough so that he can walk unaided and take him prisoner with the understanding that he will show them what Chuck has on Eyebrow. They bring him to Homar who agrees to take him into his custody. Homar suggests he bring him to the bounty office and there is surely a bounty on his head. The team asks that he just hold Greyson for them while they take a rest. Homar offers to send him to the Cleric for a healing in lieu of paying them the 50 gold he offered for speedy service. They say a rest is all they need and accept the 50 gold from Homar and add it to the 500 gold they took off of Greyson. They also obtained a magical longbow and a couple decent scimitars. They retire to the shade to take a short rest.

Mission 15.1
Bilba's report

I picked up the trail of Chuck from the Courthouse the night you contracted me for the job. I managed to follow him undetected to the Jackis Inn. He looked to be in pretty bad shape. Looked like he tripped and landed in a fire pit. I entered as a patron and chatted up the bartender a bit. I didn’t get much out of him only that Chuck has a room at the Inn where he stays. He asked if I was looking to get back in the pit, but assured him I had no intention of embarrassing myself again. I hope my cover wasn’t blown.
Chuck left the Inn the following morning and headed to the market district early the next morning. He was by himself and he entered the Packrat Pawnshop before it was open. He was there for about 15 minutes and when he left, a second person was seen leaving heading for the docks. Chuck looked angry when he left and made his way to the Harpy’s Still brewery. I stealthily snuck in the back and heard him arguing with some men outside a room. I couldnt hear what about but I heard the word “prisoner” at least once. I managed to exit without being seen.

I lost Chuck for a few hours but picked up the trail when he returned to the Jackis Inn around noon. I couldn’t figure out where he went, but I didn’t see any other exits to the building. Possibly a secret entrance? He looked a lot better than he did the previous day so maybe he was at a cleric. I spotted him arguing with a rather attractive chick with white hair. I couldn’t figure out what they were arguing about but she seemed rather smug and was pushing his buttons rather good. After he drank a liquid lunch, I followed him to the docks and he boarded his ship. I couldn’t get on board with all of the guards and crew around. An hour later a strange man in a dark cloak was seen boarding his ship. I couldn’t make out much about him but they two were seen leaving the ship and they were talking to each other. Chuck seemed happy. They parted ways and I was almost spotted by the cloaked man. He had a dangerous look in his eye and he seemed aware of my presence even though there was no way he could have known. I thought it best to report back to you with what I’ve learned so far.

Mission 15
Getting lucky with the Ladies

As the simple messenger man runs away, our two heroes ponder what this invite could mean. They decide to do a little recon and see if this may be another lockmans guild trap. Switchman dons a disguise and surveys the meeting location and it appears to be pretty normal on the outside and nothing suspicious. They enter the Packrat Pawnshop and are ushered into the back room where a spread of lunch is laid out on the table and a beautiful red haired woman greets them. She introduces herself as Maena and they have a great lunch. Even Darius get’s his fill of cheese and crackers.
Maena starts off her pitch by giving a little more information about the ring and what it does in hopes that they realize the seriousness of her request. The ring is not just a decoder ring, but a ring that has been imbued with magic that can decipher all languages and break any coded message. She further explains that Chuck has served her faithfully for many years and this recent failure in tandem with his additional failure in getting her ring back is hard to overlook. Maena offered to pay our two heroes 2500 gold for the return of her ring from the Freemasons. In addition to gold, she also agreed to make them her new hands. They would received free rooms at the Jackis Inn and access to the special collections in any of their guild stores. Finally, if they become members of the Lockman’s guild, they would receive a higher percentage of any pot of money from any pit fights they enter and win. Noroar still felt sore from not being paid by Chuck the last time and managed to negotiate half the gold up front, and the rest payable upon delivery. After the deal was made, Tonnere entered to clean up after lunch and the gentlemen in Norroar came out as he offered to help. She declined his assistance but only after agreeing to get diner with him that night.
As Darius and Norroar left, they briefly spotted a cloaked man eyeing the shop and got an uneasy feeling from him. He was gone in an instant and the two dudes had other things to focus on. Darius went to check in with Homar and learned Jet lee wasn’t scheduled to arrive for a couple more days. There was no sign of Bilba yet, so he set off to find his guard friend they met the night before. His name was Aaron and he was in the barracks serving a one day suspension. Darius showed up and offered his apology for getting him in trouble and made up for it further by taking him out for a couple drinks. They chatted for a while and the alcohol loosed up Aarons lips a bit. Darius learned that Eyebrow might have something on the Security Chief – Eddard. Eyebrow walks around like he owns the place even though Eddard is the man in charge of the guards and security on the island. Darius may not be the smartest guy around, or even close to it, but he realizes it is a possible relationship to exploit if he could learn what dirt Eyebrow has. Darius thanks his new friend by buying an extremely ugly prostitute for him and gave him a couple extra gold to pay for a cleric the next morning.
Norroar had other things on his mind than updates and guards. Norroar had to freshen up for his date that night. He start by searching for a bath house to bathe. He found one and used his disguise self ability to “enhance” a certain feature of his. It fooled the younger workers, but the elderly female saw right through it. She appreciated the joke and kept it to herself as several other towel girls tried to sneak a peek at the half-elf with the half-orc sized member. Feeling clean and refreshed, Norroar dressed in his fine clothes and sought out a jeweler. He found a respectable dwarven shop and paid for a silver hair beret to be embellished with a lightning bolt and tiny diamonds. An hour later the piece was done and Norroar paid for his gift and went to meet his date.
At the fancy lounge called Kaleidoscope, they sat and schmoozed about their pasts. Tonnere grew up in her sister’s shadow but managed to find her own talents. She recently began to get work on transport ships as protection and to provide the occasional gust of wind. Smooth talker Nororar managed to not screw anything up and the night ended with a trip to the nearby hotel. His performance that night was only slightly above average, but at least he did not embarrass himself. With a smug sense of accomplishment, Norora returned to the Homely Hearth and found Darius and Bilba waiting for him. Bilba shared his report with them as Noroar gave him his next assignment. Bilba was told to continue shadowing Chuck, but this time let him know he is being watched. After showing Bilba a little more of how operation keep the rooster awake would work, he caught on and agreed heartily.

Mission 14
Arrested for a reason

After the divine healing from the company cleric, our two heros set out to see what effect their street brawl had on the community. Switchman disguised as a non-descript sailor went to the scene while Darius headed to the dirty dock inn to give a report to Suzy. Switchman learns that the fight involved the notorious Captain Chuck and the almost famous Darius one punch. Fortunately the other people involved did not mention any other accomplices. Switchman then sought out the location of Chuck and started at the Jackis Inn. He chatted up some drunks disguised as a busty lass and manged to keep his cover when the fool went in for a squeeze of the bongos. He did not learn much only that Chuck was injured. The news caused Switchman to smile on the inside as he left the Inn and returned to his room at the Homely Hearth.
Darius traveled to Dirty Dock Inn and sought out his female-friend Suzy. While an his way, he was stopped by another friend – Bilba the bounty hunter. Apparently, a bounty was placed on someone matching Darius’s description and Bilba figured he would try and get his friends side of the story before resorting to capture. He explained that the type of damage caused in the streets that morning typically fetch a much higher price than what was posted and so this typically means someone wants to speak with them more than they want to punish or get justice. Darius agrees to go quietly with Bilba and split the bounty with him, but after he speaks with Suzy and gets a drink. Darius visits Suzy and the rumors are starting to filter over to this side of town slowly. She already knew of the fight but just then learned who was involved. She summoned a runner with the Freemasons to take his report of what happened and deliver it to the guild. Darius could hardly tell them the truth so he made up a simple lie that they were attacked and kept the business of the ring out of it. He convincingly dictated the story to the scribe and off they went to deliver the report. Darius thought quickly and paid the courier to deliver a second message to Switchman that he was in trouble at the DDI and to come quickly. He handed over a few gold to insure his message was delivered first. While Darius went back to Bilba and slug back a few pints, Switchman received the message (with the code word Bitch cookies to verify authenticity) and proceed to the DDI with haste. He was surprised to see Bilba there, but since they left on good terms, he was not too alarmed. Seeking to secure help for future adventures, Switchman offers Bilba a job. To work for them instead of against them. They pitched in two platinum pieces as a down payment and assigned his first task to track down and monitor Captain Chuck’s behavior and movement. Bilba happily agreed to the slightly less dangerous job of bounty hunting and with the promise of steady employment. As a further display of cooperation they agreed to go with him to the bounty office and split the bounty on their heads.
When they arrived at the bounty office, they are let in right away as Bilba is fairly well known there. Bilba is paid 150 gold. 100 for the bounty on Darius and another 50 for the bounty on the one matching Switchman’s description. Bilba winks at his “captives” and exits to start his search for Chuck. Meanwhile one guard goes to fetch the one who placed the bounty while the other locks them in the cell. The owlbear rumor had reached the ears of the guard and he appreciates the service Darius did for the community. He is later somehow convinced to play some cards while they wait. When the other guard arrives, the sight of the three men playing cards together frustrates the man in charge who is none other that the Dock master – Eyebrow. The tower of a man orders the guard to stay in the cell overnight and escorts Darius and Switchman to the courthouse. When they get there, Eyebrow starts to accuse them of damaging the streets and threatens to toss them in jail. Luckily, Bilba visited Homar,(who he knows helped get Jet li back to the main land and is friends with our heros) and Homar showed up at the courthouse in defense of Darius and Noroar. Homar gave a stirring speech of the good qualities of the men and how they have worked for him this past week. Eyebrow had no choice but to release them. On their way out of the office, they spied Chuck in one of the back rooms waiting to speak with Eyebrow. It seems our adventurers stumbled upon the Lockman guild’s link to the crown. Perhaps if they can break whatever bond Chuck and Eyebrow have, they could remove the protection the lockman guild is receiving from the guards. Being sprung from the joint tends to tire wear out a person so they decide to retire to their rooms for the night. The next morning they meet with Homar to receive their reward for dealing with Dugan. Homar presents them with an incomplete set of elemental gems. crushing the gem will summon an elemental under their control. Switchman grabs the Red Corundun (fire) and Darius takes the Emerald (water) and Sapphire (air). As they leave the docks, a messenger arrives with a letter from Maena. She wishes to meet with them. The letter says to come alone and to meet her at her shop in the market district. Lunch will be provided.

Mission 13
Lockmans Deception

Around mid-morning, the two adventurers conclude their business meeting with Homar and leave him to manage the docks. They prepare themselves for the deception to come. Switchman explains the plan to Darius. Switchman will disguise himself as Francis, create an illusion of himself and have the ring be stolen while darkness descends on them. Darius confirmed the plan and the two of them head to the fish market to make the fake exchange. Having already given the meeting place and day to the Lockmans guild, they were of course waiting in ambush to steal the ring themselves. Fortunately, Switchman spied the ambush and started the acting early. As Captain Chuck approaches the three men in the street, the scene that was rehearsed begins. As Noroar (illusion) yells betrayal, the darkness spreads and envelops the street. Chuck orders his men to cut off escape, but the illusion manages to fool a guild member into thinking he got away. During the darkness, Darius adds some convincing damage by punching himself and Noroar in the face. Ouch!
When the darkness is dispelled, Noroar and Darius are standing in the street with their faces starting to swell. Chuck makes remarks about how he would have paid good money for that ring, but instead of exchanging it for his prize money, he just got ripped off from the Freemasons. Switchman counters with Chuck breaking his deal and the two are clearly not going to be friends anytime soon. Chuck has had enough of the ring being out of his reach and orders everyone to attack. Switchman reacts first and summons a ball of fire to erupt behind the Chuck and the pretty female at his side. Chuck reacts blindingly fast and dodges to avoid some damage, but the woman and thug are burned really bad. Chuck launches a dagger at switchman and catches manages to score a hit before ducking beind a building for cover. Darius charges forward to finish the biggest threat he senses but the chick manages to avoid his punches despite her injuries. She summuns a powerful thunderwave which takes out the goon at her side and pushes Darius back. The goons that were ordered to surround them advance and attack. One manages to hit Noroar but Darius is too quick to hit. Switchman summons his short sword and takes a swipe at the the thug who hit him. He coats his blade in green fire and scores a big hit. The other goon also feels the wrath of the hit as fire creeps up and burns his arm and face. Chuck reappears and shoots another dagger at Darius which barely misses his genitals. Darius unleashes a couple of punches and knocks the thug for a loop. The slender sorceress attempts to lasso the monk toward her but is not strong enough. The the goons take some more swings and Switchman is battered some more but is not out yet. He takes the residual magical engery stored in his pact rod and focuses it into another fireball at roughly the same spot. Captain Chuck dodges the main affect but is burned anyways. He thinks twice about continuing the fight and turns tail to live to fight another day. The blast took out the female and she lay dieing in the street. Darius does not want to be out done by his friend, so he focuses his energy from his new tattoo into his fist and punches the nearest guy in the chest. The shirt he is wearing splits apart from the blow and all air leaves his lungs and he collapses on the ground. The remaining goons also decide it is not worth it and flee the scene.
Noroar turns his attention to the attractive human with white hair lying burned in the street and administers a healing portion. She stabilizes and takes stock of her situation. Switchman turns on the charm and gets her to warm up to her. She introduces herself as Tonnere. Switchman and Darius escort her to the Cleric on the docks to get patched up. While walking they learn that Tonnere is the sister of Maena. Tonnere also has no love at all for Captain Chuck and was there only under orderes from Maena. She listen’s to Switchmans account of the pit scandal and thinks she might be able to talk to her sister about paying the prize money. She also tries to recruit them into the Lockmans guild. Switchman considers meeting Maena, but declines any lasting alliance. They part ways at the cleric and also receive a healing themselves. As they receive their healing, Switchman ponders why the guards did not get involved in their battle in the street. Perhaps what the old Dwarf said is true and they have some connection to the Crown.

Mission 12
Mistaken Identity

After the more important members of the Freemasons exited, the room was left with Darius, Noroar, Francis, and the big simpleton Hobo Bubu. Francis convinced Hobo to give Darius the magical tattoo that he has been so interested in for half price. In addition, he recalled picking up a spell scroll case from the messy goop left behind from the Ooze they took down. Inside was a scroll of inflict wounds which Darius believed he could master with practice. Hobo obliged and began to graft the scroll to his arm. Meanwhile, Switchman meditated in the corner seeking his Patron’s favor. Glaysa responded and has found Switchman to still be in her good favor. She recounted their first visit and that she saved his life and gave him power to seek revenge on those that slayed his brethren. She tells Switchman that some of the villains responsible are on Castlerock and are allied with one of the factions seeking the ring. Switchman asked if Glaysa would be able to tell which ring is the one they seek and which is the ring that summons the Paladin of vengeance. Glaysa responded cryptically as those with power often do and says the ring with the red string will lead to his enemies undoing.
With his meditating over, he feels the bond with her grow stronger and decides to try slipping into his many disguises magically rather than phycially changing his clothes. He finds that casting disguise self comes quite easily and proceeds to annoy the other two in the room. Perhaps the most distracting of his transformations is turning in to Suzy and flashing the Monk and Hobo. Darius gushes blood from his nose while the tattooist is un-phased. With the tattoo now grafted to his arm, Darius tries to activate the spell by focusing his inner energy. His first attempt goes quite well and can feel the spell start to focus in his arm, but does not make it to his fist like he needs to. His second attempt fails miserably, but he decides to rest a while and will try again later that night.
The two bros, head back to their room and notice yet another tail. Assuming it to be a lockman guild member that hasn’t yet gotten the hint, the turn the corner to break line of sight with the tail. Switchamn disguises himself as an old man and falls to the ground while Darius hides from view. The man hustles to find them and when he goes to help up the “old man” he is surprised when a sword slices the side of his neck and the words stop following people are spoken. The old man turns away when the passers by react to the street violence. Darius comes to find out more about the tail who was just a friend of the farmer that was helped by the owlbear donation and wanted to say thanks to Darius. Darius brings the man to a cleric for healing while Switchman tries to spin the story that Darius helped the stranger out of the goodness of his heart. With that mess behind them they retire for the night and when they leave the Homely Hearth, they receive a letter.
The letter is from Jet Li. He is writing from jail on the mainland and wishes to be freed. He says he left the monastery because he did not want to serve weaklings and wanted to serve himself. After his loss to Darius in the pit, he decided he wasn’t strong enough and would rather serve someone strong than someone weak. He says if Darius would pay his bail – $600gp, he would serve Darius. The thought of a loyal follower pleased the adventurer and each ponied up 3 platinum for the bail. The met with Homar to make the arrangements for him to be freed and brought back to Castlerock. Homar was also informed that Dugan has asked for his help in fighting the Lockman’s guild and has promised to not steal anything from any of his warehouses. Homar considered his proposal and agreed that Dugan is a man of his word and considered the theft problem settled. Homar is also a man of his word and agreed to reward his workers with some items he has in storage that he thinks they would like. He says to come back the next day and he should have them ready. Later that day, they will likely face some members of the Lockman’s guild as they attempt to trick them into believing the Freemasons are buying the decoder ring.


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