Jet Lee

Thunderfist - follower


Jet Lee was a monk at the same monastary that Darius was attending. He had been assigned to guard a farmer on the way to town, but abandoned his job. A bounty was placed on his head and the monastary added to it. Jet Lee was tracked to Castlerock by a bounty hunter and was eventually defeated by Darius in a deathmatch. Jet Lee made friends with one of the local factions who introduced him to a magical tattoo artist who grafted a shocking grasp spell to his arm and allowed him to focus his ki to cast the spell. He was taken away before he could reveal any more information. The last he was seen was in manacles headed back to the mainland.

New Information:
A letter was received from Jet lee asking for Darius to pay his bail. Jet Lee wishes to serve someone stronger than himself and would like to serve the one who beat him in the Pit – Darius one punch. Is currently on his way from the mainland and should arrive in a couple days.

Jet Lee

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