Greyson Eraser

Dead Ranger Assassin


A mysterious man in a dark cloak was seen speaking with Captain Chuck as he left his ship. He seemed to know that Bilba was following him although Bilba insists he could never have seen him. He gave Bilba an uneasy feeling.

Greyson’s ambush on the docks failed and was captured by our Heroes. He admits that Chuck hired him to eliminate Darius and Norroar. He knew that Homar was their employer and if he caused trouble for Homar, that his prey would be dispatched. AFter being mortally wounded, he managed to save his skin by promising to reveal what Chuck has over Eyebrow. Darius fed him a health potion to heal enough to walk back to Homar and is currently a prisoner of Homar’s Iron Golem bodyguard.

Eraser was taken prisoner and forced to reveal Chuck’s secret. Eraser brought Darius and Switchman to Chuck’s ship and informed them that Eye’brow’s son is Chuck’s first mate. Shortly after reveling this information, Switchman killed him and buried his body in a shallow grave as vengeance for participating in the slaughter if his adopted family and friends so many years ago.


Greyson Eraser

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