Mission 23

Operation Creature swap

Switchman tried the best he could to sleep in the uncomfortable bed at the Jackis Inn and keep the images of Maena and Chuck doing the nasty out of his head. In his mind, the figure of Maena kept morphing into Tonnere and the thought of her with Chuck made him physically ill. After getting a fair amount of uncomfortable sleep, he awoke and concentrated on listening to what was going on at the other end of the building; a.k.a. Chuck’s room. He could discern the sound of soft footsteps leaving his room which he imagined were Maena and choked down the vomit that came up in his mouth. A few minutes later he heard the hurried, heavy footsteps headed up to his room and the heavy pounding on Chuck’s door. Realizing this was as good a time as any to start the day, Switchman conjured up the sound of a barnyard orgy coming from the room next door for some interesting background noise and was still able to hear the conversation with Chuck. Chuck was not very happy to learn that his prisoner Crash escaped and that Tonnere was also missing. He also learned that Greyson was injured but alive. Chuck tore out of the Inn to try and fix the mess he found him self in. Switchman wore his red dwarf disguise and followed Chuck out and shadowed him as he headed toward the docks.
Darius’s early morning meeting left him with a little time to practice attuning his new tattoo to his monk powers. As he focused his ki to his left arm, he immediately began to feel his hand grow cold and become wreathed in purple smoke and his skeletal structure seemed to become visible through the shadows. The sight was enough to elicit a reaction from Hobo. Darius rested for a bit before thanking his gifted tattooist and exited to go find his friend. He sent Suzy away and agreed to meet her in a few hours before she starts her shift at the Dirty Dock.
Knowing that the last known whereabouts of Switchman was him heading to the Harpy’s Still, he figured he was investigating the Lockmans or plotting against Chuck and headed West to look for him. He didnt find Switchman right away, but did find Chuck walking purposefully toward the docks and figured he better follow him. As he stealthily stalked his enemy, a smelly dwarf attempted to kick him in the shins, but attacking a monk is no easy task. He easily fended of the attack and was surprised to hear him say Bitch cookies as he hit the ground. Realizing the true identity of the dwarf, Darius exhaled a sigh of relief that his friend was alright and the two of them quickly sped ahead to their warehouse lookout to spy on the upcoming entertainment. They were surprised to see Jet Lee was already up there and received his report of that morning’s drama. He said the whole crew, minus the guards, all left for shore earlier. Switchman explained that last night he paid the ship a visit and met with the first mate, Bushy Brow. Of course, as he was saying this, Chuck marches to his ship and upon finding it empty of seamen, yells for Bushy Brow to explain himself. Although they couldnt’ hear the words being said, it was clear that Bushy Brow was getting quite the tongue lashing. Chuck soon left in a huff and headed back in the direction he came from.
The three spies left thier perch and discussed the next steps in their plan.
Switchman explains that he made good progress in turning the first mate and the crew against Chuck and that Chuck just ordered them to go purchase some creatures to fight in the pit. Clearly that request will have to wait until tomorrow. Darius pipes up that he is schedule to participate in a pit fight sponsored by the Freemasons in a week in an effort to lure out the Lockmans. To further humiliate Chuck, the team plots to replace the exotic creatures with the simple sewer rats that Bilba acquired and bring the creatures to use in the Freemason’s bout. Satisfied with the new plan, Chuck sets out to convince Bushy Brow to bring the creatures to him and he would deliver them to the pit. After a little convincing, the agreement is made and Bushy Brow start dreaming of being his own captain and the future business partner he has in this Bob from accounting fella. With the creatures taken care of, Swithman heads home to look after the rat wrangler.
Darius meets with Suzy before her shift and tells her that he managed to turn Bushy Brow from an enemy to at least neutral with hopes of him becoming an ally in the near future. Suzy is impressed to say the least and suggests that he search for proof of the Lockman’s illegal activities by snooping around the packrat pawnshop. With nothing else to do, he heads there to investigate. When he enters the shop, Maena is shocked to see him. She plays it cool and offers condolences about his friend Norroars demise and asks why he is there. Darius says he is looking for a gift for a friend and wants it to be “special.” Maena understands and closes the shop to show him the nicer goods. She continues to pry information from Darius and leans that Tonnere is fine and hanging out at a friends house which went against the intel she received from a trusted source. She also gleans that Chuck was the one who killed Norroar and is likely in possession of any valuables that he was carrying. Maena sells Darius a nice gold ring and quickly leaves in a barely contained rage. Darius exits the shop and hopes the ring is in Suzy’s size.


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