Mission 22

Freemason Apprentice

Switchman knew his disguise was revealed, but he didn’t know why Bushybrow didn’t blow his cover, but was thankful for it. When the two of them entered the Captain’s quarters Bushybrow asked for his real name. Switchman pathetically attempted to claim Greyson’s name, but the first mate was smarter than that. Switchman finally resolved to be called Bob from the land of accounting. Bushyborw went on to explain that this is Chuck’s ship, and he has learned all he can from the man, and wishes to captain his own ship. He respects and does not want any harm to come to him. Switchman, being the persuasive man he is, tries to twist his ambition from outward to inward. Why captain a different ship when this one already knows him and him it? Bushybrow starts to see the reason in his argument and agrees that he would be the best captain should anything happen to Chuck, but he will have no part in any plan to harm him. Bob realizes that this is probably as good of a reaction as he could hope for and plans a graceful exit from the ship. The two of them agree to have Bob pretend to be drunk and have Bushybrow kick him off the ship. The first mate will then grant the crew a day of shore leave to make up for the day of drills the day before, thus keeping the crew on his side and resentful of Chuck. Switchman also reveals that Chuck would be arriving the next morning to send them to fetch some creatures for the fighting pit. Bushybrow considers this and seems to think this is a great time to secure the crew’s loyalty. After a little acting, Switchman manages to leave the ship still in Chuck’s disguise, and the crew and guards none the wiser. Being the late hour, he decides the best place to crash for the night is the room he rented at the Jackis Inn and retires after the long day.
Darius also had a rough night with the awkward situation with Suzy and Tonnere. Darius went downstairs and found Jet Lee waiting for him and and roughed up and terrible looking Bilba. Bilba says he managed to capture a bunch of rats and one really nasty looking one and is looking forward to his payment. Sadly, Darius doesn’t know what Switchman wanted with them and says to leave them where they are and sends Bilba upstairs to Darius’s room to recover from whatever disease he contracted from the rats. He also asks the inn keeper for fresh sheets when he returns.
Darius asks Jet Lee if he has seen Switchman and he relays that the last time he seen him he was headed to the Harpy’s Still to rescue a white haired chick. Trusting that his warlock friend can take care of himself, he orders Jet Lee to return to Chuck’s ship and continue reconnaissance. Jet Lee looks disappointed as he would prefer to knock some heads together instead of sitting and watching. Darius promises that the next opportunity he has to get rough, he will ask for his help. As Jet Lee leaves, Tonnere comes down stairs for a nibble of breakfast. She expresses her concern for Switchman and asks that Darius try and make sure he is ok. Darius tries his best to reassure her and sends her back to his room for safety. Before she leaves, he asks what he should to to make up for last night to Suzy. Tonnere says that Switchman bought her a gift on their first date and she hands him her silver hair beret. She says to give it to Suzy as all girls love presents.
When Suzy arrives he apologizes for last night says he got the hair beret for her. Unfortunately, Suzy recognizes it from the hair of that woman last night and throws it back at him. How dare he give her something that reminds her of that incident. She contains her anger and acts with a professionalism to bring him to the meeting. She continues to give him the cold shoulder all the way there.
At the meeting, DumDum Dugan sat at the end of the table, Hobo Bubu played with a toy by himself in the corner, Crash was there, and Suzy took her spot to the left of Dum Dum. Darius sat down and when he did, Crash stood up and personally thanked him for his mercy in the pit and for delivering his message to Dum Dum. As a token of his thanks, Crash offered to pay for a new tattoo for Darius. Darius agreed and would get his tattoo following the meeting.
DumDum explains that it is a dangerous time to be a Freemason and that the threat must be eliminated. The elders agree that the Lockmans guild must be destroyed and that Chuck and Maena are only a fraction of the enemy’s hierarchy. Dugan says that they know that the pit is illegal and that the Harpy’s still is a money laundering operation. The Packrat Pawnshop deals in illegal goods and they have secured the protection from the local guards. Darius brings up the little secret he learned from Greyson that Chuck’s first mate bears a significatn resemblance to Eyebrow and warrants that it might be the connection the lockmans have to the local guards. Dum Dum and Crash concur and ask if Darius or Suzy would be able to exploit that relationship. Perhaps try and recruit this first mate to their cause. Darius declines the persuading route and syas he would capture him as a plan B. Suzy says with Francis gone, she would be the best to try and recruit him.
The rest of the Freemason’s plan is to get physical proof of the illegal activities and bring it to the king. There is a high likelyhood that the proof will be coded and thankfully they have the decoder ring to read it. Darius is still charged with eliminating Chuck and Maena. The guild must also be ready to take out whomever would succeed them and must put together a plan to draw out their other members.
Suzy speaks up with a plan of her own. She says that One Punch’s fame is still being talked about around town and thinks they should use it to draw the lockman’s out. She suggests they organize their own fighting pit. The lockmans will surely try and stop or disrupt it. Dum Dum likes the plan and asks how they would keep the guards from interfering. An idea just happened to (cough) pop into Darius’s head to have the fight on a ship. The guards only can police the land, but what happens in the harbor, stays on the ship. This idea meets with the other member’s approval. Suzy turned to Darius and plainly says that they will not risk two Freemason’s lives and so there would be a great amount of danger for him. Whoever his opponent is would not be aware of the plan, would not pull any punches and would fight to win. Darius perceives her concern and with pride or confidence says he is up for any challenge. Suzy finally breaks a smile and starts to warm back up to him.
The meeting is concluded with Dum Dum agreeing to secure the ship, Crash will seek out a suitable opponent, and Suzy would start spreading the work about the fight that would happen in a week. Darius will have to continue to be prepared to eliminate Chuck and Maena should the opportunity arise.
Crash then takes Chuck to Nana Bubu’s mystic emporium for Hobo to apply another tattoo to Darius’s other arm. The tattoo he selected was vampiric touch.


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