Mission 20

Rescue Tonnere

As Francis’ apartment roars into flames, Darius and Suzy hurry away and seek out another member of the Freemasons. Besides the trustworthy messengers she uses to communicate to other member, there is only one other person she knows how to get a hold of. It was when she first was introduced the guild. Just getting to the meeting place was test of trust. She and Darius traveled to a non-descript slum on the outskirts of the city. Underneath the boardwalk was a small tunnel barely large enough for someone to crawl through. It is also close enough to the waterline that it floods twice a day due to the tides. She instructs Darius to follow her and the two of them crawl into the tunnel. They crawl nearly 200 feet until it comes to a solid door. She knocks and a eventually a child opens the door and asks what they are doing there. Suzy orders the child to get Dum Dum Dugan as they have important information for him. Dum Dum returns a while later and asks Suzy what is so important that they needed to meet him there. Suzy goes on to explain how Francis was found dead and when Darius told her that he just got done giving the decoder ring to him. The two of them decided to check and see if it was still there. When they got to the apartment, Darius was ambushed by the assassin, but was able to take him out single handedly. Daruis showed the Dwarf the assassin’s clothes as proof. Dum Dum ponders everything they said and finds that they were wise to come to him. He appreciates their dedication to their cause and promotes Suzy to Francs rank of journeyman. Suzy also volunteered to sponsor Darius as an apprentice. Dum Dum agreed and gave them both new orders. He said that eliminating the assassin was fantastic, but he was most likely sent by Chuck. Chuck and Maena represent the largest threat to the Freemasons and must be eliminated. They have also directly killed one of their members which is a clear declaration of war. The Freemason Elders will convene and develop a strategy to lure out the Lockman’s guild and take them all out. Dum Dum said he would send a messenger to Darius home the next day with more instructions. Darius and Suzy leave by the other exit and head back to the Homely Hearth for a “personal meeting” Unfortunately, the wounds caused by the assassin significantly hindered Darius’s performance and Suzy is left somewhat disappointed.
Switchman was swiftly heading to the Harpy’s Still to see why Chuck would have taken Tonnere Prisoner. Disguised as the archer Eraser, Switchman enters the Still (as the locals call it) and proceeds to head directly to the back. The bartender only questions him for a moment until a penetrating gaze shuts him up and he backs off. Switchman heads to the office he conversed with Chuck earlier in, but the guards spot him and say they would fetch Chuck. The room they are guarding opens a short time later as Chuck emerges looking tired and stressed, but in fairly high spirits. Chuck takes a moment to scold Eraser as to why he stood him up before. Switchman calmly dodges the question and Chuck moves on to another matter. Chuck mentions that he took precautions in case Eraser was unable to finish his previous job, but something new has come up that he is better suited for. The two of them head through one locked room into another with two more guards. They unlock the door for Chuck and lock it behind them as they go through. Clearly whatever is down there is quite important to have multiple sets of guards and locked doors. The head down a short hallway and turn the corner to see a long hallway with several cells hewn into the rock. The first cell is occupied by a dirty, tired old dwarf who Swithman recalls seeing only once before. It was Crash, whom Darius faced and defeated in the Pit. Trying to stay in character, Switchman hurls an insult at the dwarf who dismisses the comment and remains a sullen shell of a person.
The next cell is where Tonnere is being kept. She is furious at Chuck and calls him every bad name she can think of. -Which is quite a lot as she spends a lot of time with sailors. Chuck tells Eraser to find out what Tonnere knows about the ring and why she reacted to hearing that two assassins were working for him to retrieve it. Chuck pulls Switchman aside and says after he learns her sectrets, to kill her and dispose of her body to make it look like a suicide. He can’t have Maena learning that he killed her sister. He gives instructions to the guard to not let anyone out until the deed is done and exits the dungeon. As Switchman starts to think of a way out, he also wonders if Chuck is going to visit Maena, his ship, or just go the Jackis Inn to get some sleep.
Eraser stands before a pisssed off and uncooperative Tonnere and slowly changes his illusion back to his original face. Tonnere is not buying it and clams up. Switchman goes on to discuss what they talked about earlier that day about thier grand plan and Tonnere listens but is not truly convinced. Finally, Switchman mutters Bitch Cookies under his breath and Tonnere is extremely happy to see him for who he is and that he is there to rescue her. She asks how he will get her out of there and he explains his plan to her. He starts off by asking one of the guards for some rope so he can make it look like she hanged herself. One guard loses in rock paper scissors and had to go off and find some. The other guard gets his mother insulted to the point of infuriating him. Switchman comes back and says he managed to choke out the prisoner through the bars and is ready to tie her up. When the guard opens the door and follows switchman to the cell, Switchman summons his bond weapon in the form of a whip and attempts to strangle the guard. The guard manages to resist the makeshift garote and fight off the attack. Tonnere joins the fight and starts punching the guard with shocking grasp with limited effect. Switchman is not used to close quarter’s fighting as he leaves that to his new friend Darius. Still he does the best he can but cant seem to get the upper hand dispite the assistance of his female companion. The dwarf down the hall hears the commotion and wants to know what is going on. He offers to help whomever will let him out. The other three are too busy fighting to pay him any attention. The fight goes on with the guard fighting off both attackers until finally, Switchman hexes his opponent and blasts him back with an eldritch blast. During the fight a couple rogue blasts (critical misses) hit the shit bucket in the corner and Tonnere ends up covered in shit and straw. The finally defeated guard is stripped of his uniform and armor and his keys are taken. Switchman orders Tonnere to swap clothing with the guard and dispite being much smaller and not trained in armor at all, she does as is told and dons the rediculous disguise. The dwarf senses an opportunity to escape the dungeon and offers to help them and follow them if they would release him. Switchman says that there is one more guard to deal with and if he helps them take him out, they would agree to release him. The dwarf known as crash agrees and his cage is unlocked. The dwarf offers some advice that once the second guard is eliminated, they make their exit out the back instead of going through the bar upstairs.


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