Mission 19

Assassin Attack

Darius probably should have sensed the danger emanating from the scarred man, but he was thinking with his other head and decided to head back to the Dirty Dock Inn to see his girlfriend and tell her the good news. As he starts walking he feels his pocket for the slip of paper which contained Francis’s address and discovered it missing. Not thinking too much of it, he stopped by the inn for a pre-dinner drink. Suzy was there and readily served him. As Darius was about to leave to go freshen up for his date, he was stopped dead in his tracks by the frightful shout from Suzy. With tears in her eyes, she explains that Francis was just found dead in his apartment. Darius does his best to console her and she starts to wonder who could have done this. Darius admits that he noticed someone following him earlier that day but wasn’t approached until after his meeting with Francis. Suzy felt like it was her responsibility to inform the Freemasons and let them know of the situation. Darius also let slip that he gave Francis the decoder ring and he would feel more comfortable going with her to deliver the news.
Meanwhile, Switchman was feeling pretty good about messing with Sasquatch, wait make that messing with Chuck. He decided to head back to the West docks and keep an eye on Chuck’s ship and also take a moment and speak with his patron. He was pleased to see the drills continuing into the late afternoon, but also that the guards were much more alert too. Finding a secluded spot, he went into a trance and felt Glaysa’s demonic presence in front of him. She was pleased to hear that he is still on his path to get revenge on the one that murdered his family. She informs Switchman that there are still two more individuals on Castlerock that were involved with the massacre. He gives her a summary of his plan to torture and ultimately destroy Chuck which pleases her. He offers his services as a sign of respect and Glaysa simple says she may call on him if she needs something done in his vicinity, and should he prove himself sufficient, she will offer him a boon to carry with him. With his meeting of the evil minds over, he widens his perimeter of surveillance just to make sure that Chuck does not visit his ship.
While on the way to inform the Freemason’s Darius states that perhaps the ring that he gave Francis is still with him. Suzy agrees that it is important enough to check the body and they change directions and head to Franci’s apartment. The upstairs loft has an external staircase which Darius climbs first and enters the dwelling. The dimly lit room smells like death, but the silence of the place only makes the surprise attack by the assassin Scarface that much more of a surprise. The assassin manages to catch Darius by surprise by hiding behind the entrance door and deals a couple of heavy injuries to the monk. The Assassin kicks the door closed to prevent an escape, but also protects Suzy from seeing the gruesome sight that would happen next. Scarface take a second to coat his dagger in poison and relishes finishing off his opponent. Darius may have been caught by surprise, but he quickly regains his wits and focuses his ki into his fist. He roundhouse kicks the attacker to knock him off his defenses and connects with a massive uppercut with is super-charged fist and causes his lower jaw to collapse up into his eyesockets and lift him a foot off the ground. Just for good measure, or maybe a little bit of revenge for slicing him from behind, he kicks Scarface between the legs as he falls to floor and anatomically speaking turns him into a girl. The Assassin is dead before he hit the floor. Suzy come in and is told to not look behind the door, but o search Francis for the ring. Darius inspects the attacker and takes the high quality clothing and his fancy weapons and deposits them into the bank known as his bag of holding. The last place he looks for the ring of course is the assassin’s own hand. He quickly severs the whole finger off the dead man’s hand and retrieves the ring. He tells Suzy to say her last goodbye and they need to exit the room quickly. As they leave the apartment, the oil that was covering the floor ignites and the sight of a burning room lights up the darkening sky behind them. As Darius and his girlfriend quickly walk away, he is thinking about how long the assassin wore the ring and how close the Paladin of Vengeance might be to them.
At the opposite side of town, Switchman runs into the disguised Jet Lee. He casually mentioned the code phrase Bitch Cookies to him and secretly enjoys the look on people’s faces when they realize who they are talking to. When asked what he was doing near the ship, he states that Chuck is busy with some white haired broad. He goes on to tell how Chuck was in a pissy mood and entered the Jackis Inn to meet with someone when a beautiful white-haired chick (Tonnere as we know her) came in with a bone to pick with him. While Jet Lee, couldn’t make out the whole conversation, he did learn that Chuck had a backup plan to deal with Darius. Chuck didn’t like the way Tonnere reacted and had some goons capture her and haul her away. Chuck followed with an evil look on his face. As Switchman heard his story, he gave Jet Lee instructions to continue to guard the ship and make sure Chuck does not interfere with is plans. Switchman starts walking to the place he believes Chuck would bring Tonnere – the Harpy’s Still.


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