Mission 18

Paranoia and ring delivered

Darius wakes up to his attractive “nurse” cuddling him and making a quiet escape impossible. Suzy stirs and awakens to Darius next to her and she remembers what happened the night before. She first asks if he is alright and if the poison has left his system. Darius said yes but refuses to go into more detail about the fight or how Norroar died. As they are lying in bed, a knock on the door is heard and is later opened but none other than Jet Lee who has finally arrived from the mainland. The awkward situation slowly goes away when Jet Lee agrees to meet him downstairs. This is followed by yet another awkward meeting when Switchman enters in his Shenarias disguise and says he also needs to meet with Darius. Suzy quickly dresses and they agree to meet for dinner that night.
Downstairs the pit fighter Jet Lee, the bounty hunter Bilba, the swordsman Shenarias, and the Monk One Punch convene for a strategy meeting. Shenarius takes charge and says he makes the decisions, but when in public, Darius is the man in charge. Darius nods his agreement and the other members accept this as how things are. Jet Lee is tasked with following Chuck and keeping him away from his ship, the Queen Ann’s Revenge. As a former fighter in the Pit, Switchman disguises him so no one will recognize him. Bilba was given a much different and odd task of finding and catching rats. The bigger and meaner the better. He isn’t told why he is rat catching, but agrees to it knowing there will be payment coming to him. After they leave, a messenger arrives with a note for Darius. The note reads that Tonnere has learned of Norroar’s death and is on her way to confront Chuck. She asks that Darius talk some sense into her and stop her. Darius sets off to stop Tonnere, while Shenarius puts his shenanigans on hold and waits for her where they first met.
As luck would have it, Darius finds Tonnere in time to keep her from making a mess of things and after some arguing and slight deception, gets her to follow him. She enters the non-descript store and Switchman pays the shopkeep for some privacy. He then reveals himself to her. (not That way you sick-os!) He reveals his true name and his true identity. She calmly accepts his story with understanding and agreement. A woman with this much insight and wisdom is hard to find and she is shaping up to be a powerful ally in their quest for island power. What is more is that Switchman reveals that they have the decoder ring and a cursed ring. Without knowing for sure which is which, they convince Tonrere that they will certainly give the ring to Maena when the time is right, but need her to play it cool for the time being. She is also tasked with keeping Chuck away from his ship. After she leaves, Switchman gives Darius the ring which “will be used bring destruction to his enemies” and instructs him to give it to Francis. The hope is that Francis will don the ring and bring destruction to himself and create an opening in the Freemason’s ranks for Darius to step into.
Darius leaves to deliver the red ring (the one with the red ribbon tied to it)to Francis, but not knowing his location makes it hard. He heads to the Dirty Dock Inn and meets with is sweetheart Suzy to arrange the meeting. They talk for a bit and is pleased that Darius plans on joining the Freemasons. Once the meeting is set up, Darius leaves to meet Francis at the location Suzy mentioned. Francis is waiting for him and greats him warmly. He is surprised to hear of Norroar’s demise, (hey that rhymes) but is not too heartbroken. His joking and non-serious demeanor did not impress Dum Dum Dugan. Darius says that the battle on the docks was most likely orchestrated by the Lockman’s guild and that one of the foes had the ring on them. Francis seen through the facade and asked where he really obtained it. Darius admits that the ring came from Noroar’s body and he just didn’t want to believe that he was a Lockman’s undercover agent. Francis agrees that someing was off about him and agrees that it made much more sense that his friend was in league with the enemy. For coming clean and also returning the ring, Francis agreed to put in a good word for him with Dum Dum and is certain that they will agree to him joining the Freemasons. In lieu of the full reward, Francis offers to at least continue the deal they have with Hobo to receive half price tattoos and access to their stores and supplies. In addition, Francis gives Darius his home address and says he can contact him directly for urgent matters. When Francis leaves, a scarred man arrives to warn him that dealing with the enemy will not go well for him and to watch his back. He then leaves without a trace.
Switchman disguises himself as Captain Chuck and sets off to cause some mischief on the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Chuck is stopped several times by the guards posted to keep strangers away and plays Chuck to a T and gets on board without any trouble. As Bushy Brow shows him the ship, he takes note of every detail and when the tour is finished, he berates the first mate for his ineptitude at captaining. He gives a laundry list of imperfections that he demands be fixed immediately and orders that his crew not get soft while in port. He demands drills to be ready at a moments notice and no more alcohol for the crew. He allows Bushy Brow access to his private stash but no one else. He does a great job of getting his point across and leaves to the sound of men scurrying around following orders. Pleased with himself, he sets off to find the real Captain Chuck and comenses phase two of operation keep the rooster away. Disguised as a non-descript dwarf, he find Chuck at the Harpy’s Still and whispers illusions of Norroar’s voice in his ear about being dead and killed by Chuck. The mysterious voices get Chuck on edge and he orders a water to clear his head. While the bartender’s back is turned, Switchman conjures an illusion of a zombified Norroar for a second in front of Chuck which has the intended effect. Chuck leaves the bar telling himself to shut up. Overall a pretty productive day for Switchman.


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