Mission 17

Chuck's Secret

After a short rest to lick their wounds and re-focus their energies, the team was finally ready to learn what the big secret Greyson knew. Homar returned their prisoner and went back to work, trying to make up for the disruption from earlier that morning. Greyson starts leading them toward the Western docks and they manage to get him to talk a bit more about the job he was hired to do. They learned that the 500 gp they found on him was only half the payment to eliminate them. He was scheduled to meet with Chuck soon to collect the rest. Switchman, being the master of disguise that he is, decides to pose as the assassin and collect the rest of the fee for eliminating himself. Greyson gave him the location being the Harpy’s Still and was kept busy with Darius while Switchman paid Chuck a visit.
Switchman, disguised as Greyson, enters the Still from the back and scares a poor worker into fetching Chuck from the front. Chuck arrives in a good mood but that quickly changes when he learns that only Norroar was killed and Darius was only wounded. Chuck being the shrewed businessman he is, only pays Greyson 250 more gold and tells him to finish the other one off. Chuck thinks for a minute and asks Greyson if he could do another contract. They discuss things more in a nearby office and says there is a dwarf following him and would like the nusaince eliminated. He doesnt think much of him and hands Greyson a platinum coin and promises another once he is dead. Chuck also asks Greyson if he is able to do one more. Tonnere is starting to become a thorn in his side and may need to eliminate her. Norroar says he would do it if the price is right. Chuck is pleased with his response and says not yet, but he maybe later. As Greyson/Norroar is about to leave Chuck reminisces about some of their previous encounters and brings up the time they slaughtered a whole caravan. Noroar was able to keep his emotions in check while mentally murdering Chuck a thousand times. Norroar leaves and meets up with Darius and the real Greyson. The three of them continue to head to the Western docks and Greyson instructs them to climb to the roof of the last building on the street. They follow and peer over the edge. Greyson explains that Captain Chuck’s first mate is actually Eyebrow’s son. Chuck has given him strict orders to stay on the ship while he is on shore and as they all can plainly see, security is tight on his ship and the docks. Getting close to him is difficult and convincing him to leave is nigh on impossible. Darius and Switchman decide to mull over how best to use this information. As the three of them climb back down from the roof, Switchman asks Greyson if he is a religious man. As he started to reply, a daggar appears in Switchman’s hand and is plunged deep into the assassins heart. Switchman whispers that this morning was the second time that he tried to kill him and a look of shock and confusion spread over Greyson’s face. Fro good measure, Switchman ignites green flames in the wound and blasts the dead ranger’s face with an eldritch blast to make identification more difficult. Darius is shocked but assumes his friend had a good reason for it. They hastily dig a hole to bury the body and leave him for the rats to find. They return to Homar.
Homar asks what bounty they collect from thier prisoner and Switchman, now disguised as a Green-skinned Dragon born, shows him 350gp. Homar is surprised an evil man like that wouldnt have collected more, but doesnt inquire any further. Switchman asks that Homar spread the rumor that Norroar is dead from the fight that morning. He says he will but also mentioned a bit earlier that a dwarf came looking for him and said that Norroar was seen earlier that day. Switchman says the dwarf is ok but not to say anything to anyone else. Our two heroes return to the Homely Hearth and find Suzy waiting for them. Being in disguises, they try to slip past her but get spotted by her keen eyes. Darius my have been spotted, but he fakes an injury and convinces Suzy he is hurt and she helps him up to his room. She tries to tend to his wounds but doest seem to find any. Thats when the fast thinking Dragonborn pipes up that he found him and treated him for poison. He says he should recover by the morning but if he develops a chill that someone should be close to warm him. As Switchman leaves, Darius manages to mumble a convincing enough phase to his confirm the diagnosis and Suzy agrees to “keep him warm” overnight. Darius somehow regains enough energy to “insert graphic language here” and more than satisfy’s Suzy’s curiosity that he is ok.
While Darius “recovers” upstairs, Switchman locates Bilba and explains the next phase of his plan. They will try and turn Chuck’s crew against him and also to stop following Chuck due to the price he put on his head.


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