Mission 16

Ambush on the Docks

With the new plan in place to annoy and confuse Chuck, the hero’s retire for the night. They awoke to a pounding on their bedroom doors. A messenger from Homar gave them instructions to report immediately to the docks as he had a very important task for them. After making time to eat a hasty breakfast, Darius arrives and Homar is clearly frustrated. He informs them that there is a ship near the end of the docks that refuses to move and he needs the situation dealt with right away. He says if they can’t get the ship to move, they should apprehend the trouble makers and take everything of value from the ship. He also warns Darius that the employee he sent earlier has not returned and to be careful. As Darius walks quickly toward the destination, he is joined by Noroar and fills him in on the situation. When they finally reach the dock, they see a half-orc limping away with an arrow in his knee. He says his adventuring days are over and wishes the new guys, “good luck”. It didn’t take a half-orc to tell them this is clearly a trap. Assuming the monk is swift enough to handle any arrows coming at him, Darius goes first and sets off the cordon of arrows trap. And like predicted, he managed to duck and weave out of their paths. He passes two small sea vessels and approaches the medium sized ship moored at the end.
A couple of gruff, evil-eyed men look down from the ship and a cloaked figure stands to the side with an arrow notched and aimed at him. Switchman anticipates the arrow and avoids it with ease as he joins Darius at his side. Seeking to avoid the hassle of causing another scene, Switch addresses the strangers on the ship with an Ahoy! The arrow from the archer is released and flied harmlessly over their head. Not knowing if it was a warning or simply a really bad shot, Norroar gives the goons a chance to flee or be destroyed. With money overshadowing logic, the elf shouts attack and the battle ensues.
Noroar feeling justified in that he gave them a chance, unleashes the first devastating attack with a fireball to the side of the ship. One guy is reduced to ashes almost instantly while the elf and another guy avoid most of the paid. The thugs advance and a couple appear off the smaller ships to cut off their escape. Darius starts to clear their exit and punches the snot out of one thug. The elf quickly decides the spell-slinger is the biggest threat and silences the warlock. Realizing the sound around him had disappeared, he summons a spear to take on the approaching bad guys. The bad guys charge forward and manage to wound Norroar. Darius is just too quick to hit. He hears the sound of the men surrounding Norroar go silent and focuses his ki to silence the elf on the boat. One thug grabs Darius and receives a beating in the chest for his trouble. The elf continues to rain arrows at our heroes while Norroar tries to defend himself from the pair of attackers. The Thug that grappled Darius pushes them both off the docks and into the sea. Darius finishes him off with a quick punch to the throat and swims to the ladder to rejoin the fight. Norroar take a couple more hits and fears they may get the best of him. Thankfully, Darius ducks under the thug waiting for him and rushes toward the cloaked man causing the trouble. The man who is now revealed to be an elf, drops his bow and equips his scimitars. He manages to score a hit or two on the monk before the monk focuses his remaining ki to his fist and delivers a massive punch to his abdomen. The sight of such an awe inspiring attack spurs Norroar to finish off the two men attacking him and the final guy surrenders his weapon. The elf simply didnt know when to quit and continued attacking until the monk took out his leg and broke the guys will. With silence being ended the victors gave the elf a chance to save his ass and surprisingly he offered enough to be spared.
The elf named himself Greyson Eraser, and admits that he was hired by Chuck to cause a disruption on the docks. He knew that Homar would send his two valued enforcers out and so he laid this trap to eliminate them. Darius freed the captive crew from the ships hold and remembering his days as a sailor himself, started giving orders like a captain. He sent some to repair the smoldering side of the ship and other to weigh anchor and move the ship out of the way to restore order in the shipping lane. One Punch can now add liberator to his list of accolades.
They heal the elf enough so that he can walk unaided and take him prisoner with the understanding that he will show them what Chuck has on Eyebrow. They bring him to Homar who agrees to take him into his custody. Homar suggests he bring him to the bounty office and there is surely a bounty on his head. The team asks that he just hold Greyson for them while they take a rest. Homar offers to send him to the Cleric for a healing in lieu of paying them the 50 gold he offered for speedy service. They say a rest is all they need and accept the 50 gold from Homar and add it to the 500 gold they took off of Greyson. They also obtained a magical longbow and a couple decent scimitars. They retire to the shade to take a short rest.


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