Mission 15.1

Bilba's report

I picked up the trail of Chuck from the Courthouse the night you contracted me for the job. I managed to follow him undetected to the Jackis Inn. He looked to be in pretty bad shape. Looked like he tripped and landed in a fire pit. I entered as a patron and chatted up the bartender a bit. I didn’t get much out of him only that Chuck has a room at the Inn where he stays. He asked if I was looking to get back in the pit, but assured him I had no intention of embarrassing myself again. I hope my cover wasn’t blown.
Chuck left the Inn the following morning and headed to the market district early the next morning. He was by himself and he entered the Packrat Pawnshop before it was open. He was there for about 15 minutes and when he left, a second person was seen leaving heading for the docks. Chuck looked angry when he left and made his way to the Harpy’s Still brewery. I stealthily snuck in the back and heard him arguing with some men outside a room. I couldnt hear what about but I heard the word “prisoner” at least once. I managed to exit without being seen.

I lost Chuck for a few hours but picked up the trail when he returned to the Jackis Inn around noon. I couldn’t figure out where he went, but I didn’t see any other exits to the building. Possibly a secret entrance? He looked a lot better than he did the previous day so maybe he was at a cleric. I spotted him arguing with a rather attractive chick with white hair. I couldn’t figure out what they were arguing about but she seemed rather smug and was pushing his buttons rather good. After he drank a liquid lunch, I followed him to the docks and he boarded his ship. I couldn’t get on board with all of the guards and crew around. An hour later a strange man in a dark cloak was seen boarding his ship. I couldn’t make out much about him but they two were seen leaving the ship and they were talking to each other. Chuck seemed happy. They parted ways and I was almost spotted by the cloaked man. He had a dangerous look in his eye and he seemed aware of my presence even though there was no way he could have known. I thought it best to report back to you with what I’ve learned so far.


grossheim_andrew grossheim_andrew

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