Mission 15

Getting lucky with the Ladies

As the simple messenger man runs away, our two heroes ponder what this invite could mean. They decide to do a little recon and see if this may be another lockmans guild trap. Switchman dons a disguise and surveys the meeting location and it appears to be pretty normal on the outside and nothing suspicious. They enter the Packrat Pawnshop and are ushered into the back room where a spread of lunch is laid out on the table and a beautiful red haired woman greets them. She introduces herself as Maena and they have a great lunch. Even Darius get’s his fill of cheese and crackers.
Maena starts off her pitch by giving a little more information about the ring and what it does in hopes that they realize the seriousness of her request. The ring is not just a decoder ring, but a ring that has been imbued with magic that can decipher all languages and break any coded message. She further explains that Chuck has served her faithfully for many years and this recent failure in tandem with his additional failure in getting her ring back is hard to overlook. Maena offered to pay our two heroes 2500 gold for the return of her ring from the Freemasons. In addition to gold, she also agreed to make them her new hands. They would received free rooms at the Jackis Inn and access to the special collections in any of their guild stores. Finally, if they become members of the Lockman’s guild, they would receive a higher percentage of any pot of money from any pit fights they enter and win. Noroar still felt sore from not being paid by Chuck the last time and managed to negotiate half the gold up front, and the rest payable upon delivery. After the deal was made, Tonnere entered to clean up after lunch and the gentlemen in Norroar came out as he offered to help. She declined his assistance but only after agreeing to get diner with him that night.
As Darius and Norroar left, they briefly spotted a cloaked man eyeing the shop and got an uneasy feeling from him. He was gone in an instant and the two dudes had other things to focus on. Darius went to check in with Homar and learned Jet lee wasn’t scheduled to arrive for a couple more days. There was no sign of Bilba yet, so he set off to find his guard friend they met the night before. His name was Aaron and he was in the barracks serving a one day suspension. Darius showed up and offered his apology for getting him in trouble and made up for it further by taking him out for a couple drinks. They chatted for a while and the alcohol loosed up Aarons lips a bit. Darius learned that Eyebrow might have something on the Security Chief – Eddard. Eyebrow walks around like he owns the place even though Eddard is the man in charge of the guards and security on the island. Darius may not be the smartest guy around, or even close to it, but he realizes it is a possible relationship to exploit if he could learn what dirt Eyebrow has. Darius thanks his new friend by buying an extremely ugly prostitute for him and gave him a couple extra gold to pay for a cleric the next morning.
Norroar had other things on his mind than updates and guards. Norroar had to freshen up for his date that night. He start by searching for a bath house to bathe. He found one and used his disguise self ability to “enhance” a certain feature of his. It fooled the younger workers, but the elderly female saw right through it. She appreciated the joke and kept it to herself as several other towel girls tried to sneak a peek at the half-elf with the half-orc sized member. Feeling clean and refreshed, Norroar dressed in his fine clothes and sought out a jeweler. He found a respectable dwarven shop and paid for a silver hair beret to be embellished with a lightning bolt and tiny diamonds. An hour later the piece was done and Norroar paid for his gift and went to meet his date.
At the fancy lounge called Kaleidoscope, they sat and schmoozed about their pasts. Tonnere grew up in her sister’s shadow but managed to find her own talents. She recently began to get work on transport ships as protection and to provide the occasional gust of wind. Smooth talker Nororar managed to not screw anything up and the night ended with a trip to the nearby hotel. His performance that night was only slightly above average, but at least he did not embarrass himself. With a smug sense of accomplishment, Norora returned to the Homely Hearth and found Darius and Bilba waiting for him. Bilba shared his report with them as Noroar gave him his next assignment. Bilba was told to continue shadowing Chuck, but this time let him know he is being watched. After showing Bilba a little more of how operation keep the rooster awake would work, he caught on and agreed heartily.


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